Monday, March 31, 2008

Monsters: In the News...

Having been on the road for the last four days, I haven't had much chance to check out the Net, aside from a cursory glance at things here and there. But here's a few stories that made their way to my Inbox while I was gone:

1. Carving the creatures;

2. The saga of the Lizard Man continues to rumble on;

3. Thanks to Kithra for bringing these two new British big-cat reports to my attention: story one ("we watched beast for thirty minutes") and story two from Shingle Street, Suffolk. Interestingly, Shingle Street is not far from Woodbridge: home to Britain's most famous UFO encounter - at nearby Rendlesham Forest, a place where ghostly black dogs, big cats and other weird beasts have been seen for years. And Shingle Street has a decidedly controversial and strange wartime secret attached to it, too;

4. Lisa Shiel and Regan Lee dig into one of the stranger aspects of the Bigfoot controversy.

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