Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man Monkey: The Cover

Here's the finished cover design for my forthcoming Man Monkey book, which will be available within the next two weeks. More data - including the press release - will be posted here as soon as I get the word that the book is ready.


Mac said...

Nice author pic!

matt said...

Dear Nick
I've recently discovered your books, which I've enjoyed immensely. I'm looking forward to reading Man Monkey. The reports about strange sightings on Cannock Chase are rather interesting, I lived in Pelsall for 30 odd years so I know the Chase, as a kid I vaguely recall hearing accounts of ghosts been seen at the German cemetery.

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Matt

Many thanks for comments re the books, much appreciated. Yeah, the German Cemetery is a weird place with sightings of all sorts of strange phenomena.

As I grew up in Pelsall, you'll see that there are a few references to Pelsall in the Man Monkey book.

We lived back there for about 6 months last year.