Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jon and Corinna Marry on Saturday!

I'm very pleased to announce that CFZ Director Jon Downes marries his beloved Corinna this coming Saturday.

I'm sure that all of us wish Jon and his bride a great day, a long and happy marriage, and the very best of wishes for a great future together.

Congratulations, Jonny and Corinna from me and Dana!

Jon has been one of my closest friends for the last decade, and I am both very pleased and proud that Jon and Corinna are tying the knot - in their picturesque little English village of Woolfardisworthy. I will be toasting a drink or several to them on the big day, and I hope that you will, too.

And for those of you that wish to know more about the adventurous, intrepid and loving pair that will imminently be able to call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Downes, here are just some of the things that Jon loves about his soon-to-be bride, as written in his own unique words:

1. You let me keep amphibians in the kitchen

2. You wanted a broadsword for your birthday present

3. You rule over the ever changing circus that is my life like a benevolent empress

4. When there are 23 people staying the night you don't bat an eyelid (I do, but you don't)

5. You understand chickens

6. You indulgently put up with my silliness

7. You (only two nights ago) drop the dinner plans and rush out with me after big cats

8. You think that hunting for a giant earwig is a jolly good idea

9. You have even more extreme tastes in music than mine (and you once saw Henry Cow)

10. You have a mind that can think of chickens dressed as plankton

11. You are a far better novelist than me

12. You like my friends

13. My friends like you

4. You understand my madness

15. After two and a half years you still never fail to surprise me (and I expect it will be the same after 20)

16. You have given me a family

17. You were magnificent at my father's funeral

18. You uncomplainingly do what needs to be done, even when there is a crisis

19. You love me

20. I love you

21. We are getting married on Saturday...For various reasons the wedding is for family and quasi-family only. But if at one in the afternoon on Saturday you remember us in your prayers, or hoist a pint to us, that would be wonderful...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nick and Dana! With lots of love from us both across the pond. XX

Nick Redfern said...

You're both very welcome. Have a great day! We would have loved to be there, but will be thinking of you.
Make sure someone takes lots of photos!