Monday, February 20, 2012

Naming Bigfoot

Kithra has a new article that I definitely recommend you check out - it focuses on the many and varied names, titles etc that have been applied to such hairy man-beasts as Bigfoot.

As you'll see, the list is long and varied - and collecting the data was surely not the simple task that many might have otherwise assumed!


Regan Lee said...

Kithra did a great job with that; I appreciate the service she's provided. Very nicely done. I linked and shared....

Kithra said...

Thank you both. I'm glad you found my article a worthwhile contribution to all those names for Bigfoot that we find across the world.

And, as Nick says, doing research for this, and in fact any of my articles, does take an innordinate amount of time. That's why I don't write them as often as I'd like to :)