Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crypto Controversy!

To those who may be fascinated by such stuff, over at Cryptomundo, there's a right old raucous going on (as we say in England) over my views that Bigfoot may be a Tulpa, rather than a flesh-and-blood entity. Lordy, the crypto community is an emotion-driven one! I'll keep posting comments as long as people keep bringing me up! LOL.

Here's the thread-link: http://www.cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-report/proof-2/


Neil A said...

Part One: - Blimey Nick, you've gone and opened a can of worms haha! I'd rather post on here than get tangled up in the web of tears of frustration over at Cryptomundo ha! Y'know what, I totally agree, to some extent, as to where you're coming from, the sad thing being, that in this field, or Ufology, or ghosts etc, any theory that goes against what the hardcore element belief is one that seems to fuel an already raging fire.

I think the tulpa theory is an exceptionally strong, especially when we consider the amount of 'monsters' sighted across the world which cannot, biologically be flesh and blood - i.e. winged humanoids, floating vampyric heads etc. I believe that certain monsters have become embedded into our culture and exist as concrete folklore, but possibly nothing more - Bigfoot, Nessie, Mothman, etc, have almost become the modern equivalent to cyclops, unicorn, harpy, etc. I think many people realise that just because so many people allegedly see them doesn't mean they exis t beyond the mind. Maybe we unintentionally form these things the same way we have done wth vampires, werewolves, even bloody Father Christmas for goodness sake. Maybe they are cultural structures that shift and form over time, becoming moulded by our own beliefs. H

When we speak of bodies, re; Bigfoot, there is still a vast forest region across the United States to hold a small, viable population of flesh and blood animals unknown to science, in the same way the UK, the seventh largest island on Earth, can support large cat species that shouldn't be there. Now, in the UK, we've seen Jungle Cat and Leopard cat dead on roads or shot, lynx caught in a back garden in London in 2001, but because a black leopard hasn't turned up it's given some type of supernatural origin or aura. Sceptics argue it doesn't exist, the 'hunters' or enthusiasts say it's supernatural. Bigfoot of course is different, because we aren't just talking about an out of place animal, but a hulking beast that resembles man and has the alleged ability to hide from man. Even so, like you state, a body should turn up, but when one considers how many bears, mountain lions, and in the UK, deer, badgers, there are, we don't find anywhere near the amount of bodies considering just how many thousands of these animals there are. Some animals are far more elusive than others, and nature takes its course very quickly. Maybe if a Bigfoot died by being hit by a car, or was shot near a town we'd find a body, but other than that I'm not sure we should be finding many bodies.

Neil A said...

Part Two: The range for these type of animals appears vast, and not all sightings can be taken seriously. With Bigfoot we only have the foot print casts to go by, and in oceans if there are elusive, deep dwelling creatures such as 'serpents' (one only has to look at the squid) then again,w e may not find the carcasses. Science knows the squid can grow to huge proportions, but there's never been a body. Should we be finding a Bigfoot body when only for the last twenty or so years more and more people have been trudging into the woods ? Trail cameras may be a the best hope we have, because, as with the case of 'big cats' in the UK, those looking for them are often all to noisy, and sadly not many people of a scientific qaulity are involved in the search.

The tupla theory certainly applies to some creatures, pterodactyl type birds, Mothman, and of course, monsters such as Jersey Devil, Nessie, etc could be a sum of many parts. But, with Bigfoot, there appears to be this type of creature reported the world over, whether it's the Himalayas or Sumatra (the most likely place for an unknown species of primate to exist), but only a handful of people are really...and I mean REALLY looking.

And y'know what, even if we do find a Sasquatch body eventually, the enthusiasts won't get a look in, and the debate will still continue, simply because we need that type of mystery. To some Bigfoot has been beamed down by a UFO, to others it's an unknown species of upright walking ape, and there is also the tulpa theory - it could be all three, or none of the above. I'm not holding my breath for a body, and yet I think Mr Bigfoot is real!

Donnie said...

I believe that until irrefutable evidence of physical existence is discovered, the tulpa or supernatural theory has to at least be considered as a plausible possibility. I am not espousing that this has to be the solution because at this point I simply do not know. But, I can tell you I am definitely leaning this way in my belief. In my opinion there are far too many sightings without the tangible proof, or at least undeniable proof for me to continue to believe that the bigfoot creatures are merely physical beings. I am reminded of Sherlock Holmes saying that when you eliminate the impossibilities, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, is the solution (or words to that effect). I only hope one day we resolve the issue whichever way it turns out to be.