Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mothman on the Move?

The good folk at The Anomalist note:

New Mothman Sightings Phantoms & Monsters: Last summer a Mertztown, Pennsylvania, man and his son reported seeing something very strange fly past them in a heavily wooded area. "The body was 5-6 ft in length easy, wing span was 25-30 ft easy, no feathers, bat like skin, jet black, and a 4-5 ft skinny (rat or dragon) like tail that stuck straight out." And on May 9th of this year, a construction worker in New Miami, Ohio, reported seeing a creature with "a wing span of at least 12 feet and was jet black."

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Andrew D. Gable said...

What's very interesting about the Mertztown one is that there are legends of a dragon a short ways west of there, between Lenhartsville and Virginville.