Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hecate Hill: Monstrous Entertainment For Halloween

Late one night just before last Halloween, my wife and I drove to a nearby theater here in Dallas to see a new play that was the brainchild of a local playwright, author and graphic novelist named Bill Fountain.
Titled Hecate Hill, it was a highly entertaining and atmospheric production, and can best be described as a combination of Bigfoot meets The Evil Dead meets War of the Worlds.
Well, if you live in sunny Texas and missed the show first time around, you have another chance.
Don't miss out this time!
Here's Bill's new press release on this year's presentation of Hecate Hill:

Just in time for HALLOWEEN!

Teatro delle Muse and Level Ground Arts proudly present Hecate Hill, a play by Bill Fountain. Directed by Bill Fountain.

HECATE HILL runs October 26th through the 31st at the Art Center Theater where Teatro delle Muse is the resident company. 1028 15th Place , Plano , Texas 75074.

ABOUT THE PLAY: What is the secret of Hecate Hill? A group of cycling friends meet up for a reunion in a remote cabin in Southern Oklahoma rumored to be Bigfoot territory. Just as they arrive, there are news reports of a nearby hunter killing a Bigfoot, and suddenly the friends find themselves completely isolated as an electromagnetic pulse shuts down power grids all over the world, and the shrieking creatures attack. Out in the dark woods, the six friends fight to survive the night. But is it really happening? Will anyone survive to find out the truth about Hecate Hill?
Who: Bill Fountain
When: October 26th through October 31st, 2007 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)
Where: The Art Center Theater, 1028 15th Place , Plano , Texas 75074
Director: Bill Fountain (the playwright!)
Show Times: 8 pm. (Sunday at 2pm.)
Tickets: 10.00
Reservations: http://www.musetheatre.com/


Hecate Hill received some interesting media attention last year when the actual location chosen as the play’s fictional location made the news with a series of “real” Bigfoot sightings! Fountain was even invited to several morning TV shows to explain it. “It was really just a huge coincidence!” Fountain says. “But great timing on Bigfoot’s part! Nice of him to pop up!”

This is the playwright’s chance to finally direct his first published play, although the play has already had several very successful incarnations over the last year: A radio drama, a late night theatrical production, and a public workshop. There is even funding secured for the pre-production of a “Hecate Hill” feature film!

Playscripts published the play in July of this year. There are already 8 productions being planned for the upcoming year all over the United States ! The play was featured in a great article in Fortean Times and has received media attention in the form of television interviews, radio broadcasts of the drama and the upcoming graphic novel “Hecate Hill: Dark Arrival” (written and illustrated by the playwright).

“I am so thrilled I finally got the chance to direct this play," says Fountain. “I think the cast is amazing. It’s wild to see my characters coming to life in these actors.” The cast includes: Lauren Wenzel, Brian Combs, Stephanie Jackson, Daniel Jamieson, Jennifer Obenney and Zac Ramsey.
Attached Photo Credit: Photo by Bill Fountain. Cast of Hecate Hill, left to right: Brian Combs, Lauren Wenzel, Stephanie Jackson, Daniel Jamieson, Zac Ramsey and Jennifer Obenney.

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