Thursday, August 2, 2007

Big Cats on Britain's Cannock Chase...

Regular readers of this blog will know that I take a particular interest in chronicling accounts of weird beasts seen in the direct vicinity of Britain's Cannock Chase woods, which is situated only a few miles from where I grew up
As readers will also know, in recent months there have been sightings of alleged Werewolf and Bigfoot type creatures on the Chase.
And, now, a concerted effort is being made to try and determine once and for all if "Big Cats" also lurk in the depths of those mysterious woods, as the following story from this week's Chase Post newspaper reveals:

Scots Aim To Uncover Cannock Beast's Lair

Big cats on Cannock Chase are big news in Scotland, with the country’s leading researchers into unexplained phenomenon determined to crack the mystery of the Chase Beast...and they believe they might have almost done it.
World-renowned investigators at Big Cats in Britain - the largest and most active big cat investigation group in the United Kingdom believe the Beast’s lair could be on the verge of discovery.
And they got in touch with The Post this week, urging readers to contact them with their sightings so they can narrow their already extensive search.
Martin Rainer, Cannock Chase Coordinator for the organisation, said the information he’s received has convinced him that rumours of the beast are fact.
“I strongly believe these big cats are out there,” said Martin.

“Maybe not in the heart of the Chase, but possibly around the fringes which do not receive as much human traffic as the main Chase.
“There are several theories as to what these cats are,” added Martin, “but we can only go on the facts.
“70-percent of all reported sightings are of a black animal.
“These can only be one of two - a black jaguar or a black leopard.
“ Both are known as a black panther.
“We have had bodies of most of the cats reported except the black one, which is the true British Mystery Cat.
“If ALL these sightings were true then it would mean we have more black leopards in this country than the whole continent of Africa.
“It’s quite plausible for the cats to be here, unwanted pets released, etc, and the Chase would have maybe been an ideal place to release these animals.
“Surviving there would not be a problem - plenty of food, cover, and the climate holds no problems for them at all.
“They can survive on two rabbits a day and there are plenty of deer around also.”


Big Cats in Britain said...

Martin (see above) lives on the edge of the Chase and is now on hand to report on, and follow up as quickly as possible on any sighings. Also any other MA sighting that may com ein from the area.

Mark Fraser

Big Cats in Britain said...

Martin (see text) lives on the edge of the Chase, and is now on hand to follow up sightings very quickly. Also any reports of MA whatever they are.

Enjoyed Man Monkey

Mark Farser

Nick Redfern said...


That's cool re Martin. We moved back to the UK for last year and I got a load of new reports (some new BHM style reports have surfaced since publication of Man-Monkey too) from the Cannock Chase, as we lived right on top of it.

There's some seriously weird things going on there right now.