Thursday, May 17, 2007

Do Werewolves Roam The Woods Of England?

Well, I said that I was going to publish the details of the latest wave of British werewolf sightings to my blog next week; however, a bit of free time came along this afternoon, so here's the story a few days earlier than expected.

Britain has a long history of lycanthropy - from the tale of the notorious Flixton Werewolf that terrorized the north of England more than a thousand years ago, to the strange sagas of the Hexham Heads, the Abbotsham werewolf, the wild Wolfman of Lynton, and countless others.

But quite possibly nothing compares with the incredible wave of wolfish-weirdness that has recently descended upon Britain's Cannock Chase - a large area of forest land in central England, and a location that has become a veritable hotbed for encounters with big cats, ghostly black dogs, Bigfoot-like entities, and now werewolves.

The Chase is located only about 4 miles from where I used to live; and so I know the area very well, having spent a considerable amount of time there investigating the strange beasts said to roam those darkened woods (for my forthcoming book on the subject that will be published by the Centre for Fortean Zoology's CFZ Press, and titled The Lords of the Gray Woods: Strange Creatures of the Cannock Chase).

Last summer, startling reports surfaced of a wild wolf on the loose in the vicinity; however, if the current spate of sightings prove to be accurate, then that wolf might be a little more monstrous than has been previously assumed.

On April 26, 2007, the Stafford Post newspaper (which covers the area in question) stated the following: "A rash of sightings of a 'werewolf' type creature prowling around the outskirts of Stafford have prompted a respected Midlands paranormal group to investigate. West Midlands Ghost Club says they have been contacted by a number of shocked residents who saw what they claimed to be a `hairy wolf-type creature' walking on its hind legs around the German War Cemetery, just off Camp Road, in between Stafford and Cannock. Several of them claim the creature sprang up on its hind legs and ran into the nearby bushes when it was spotted."

The newspaper continued:

"Nick Duffy, of West Midlands Ghost Club, said the stories of werewolf sightings in Chase area were something that he had encountered before. He said: 'The first person to contact us was a postman, who told us he had seen what he thought was a werewolf on the German War Cemetery site. He said he was over there on a motorbike and saw what he believed was a large dog. When he got closer, the creature got on his hind legs and ran away.'"

The Post quoted Duffy as adding that: "I’ve spoke to many witnesses and I know when they are putting it on. But what struck me as strange about this was the way he told it. I'm in no doubt that he was telling the truth."

The creature was also apparently spotted by a scout leader walking over the forest land earlier in April. The man, who the Post stated did not want to be named, said he saw what he initially believed was a large dog prowling by the bushes. It was only when he got into his car to drive away that he realised something weird was afoot.

He said: "It just looked like a huge dog. But when I slammed the door of my car it reared up on its back legs and ran into the trees. It must have been about six to seven feet tall. I know it sounds absolutely mad, but I know what I saw.”

And this week, both the Chase Post newspaper (whose official website is home to countless weird animal reports from the area) and the Birmingham Post ran the following story:

"A tribe of subterranean creatures who surface on Cannock Chase to hunt for food could be behind a rash of 'werewolf' and Bigfoot sightings near Stafford. And the mysterious beings could also be responsible for a string of pet disappearances, it has been claimed.

"West Midlands Ghost Club, our area's top paranormal investigation group, say they have been contacted by a number of shocked eye-witnesses who claim they have come to face to face with a 'hairy,wolf-type creature' at the beauty spot. A scout leader and a local post man are amongst the' credible' witnesses to contact the club.

"Theories behind the sightings range from a crazed tramp to aliens. But now another paranormal expert has put forward the theory the sub-human beast is not a werewolf at all - but a Stone Age throwback. The investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us : 'Strange sightings in this area have been made over many years by civilians, military, police, ex-police and scout leaders on patrol. Some incidents have been reported and logged but others not - some people don't want to be classed as mad.'"

The newspapers elaborated further: "The strangest rumour has come from a senior local resident who believes the mysterious intruders to be subterranean," he told us. "The creatures have made their way to the surface via old earthworks to hunt, for example, local deer."

And, on the surface, the far-fetched tale could be easily dismissed. However, the Post's source added: "It's a fact that there has been significant mining activity under Cannock Chase for centuries. And it's a fact there is a high rate of domestic pet disappearance in the area - especially dogs off the lead...just ask anyone who walks their dog near the German War Cemetery..."

Well...I'm not quite prepared to say that monstrous, hairy beings dwell deep below the Cannock Chase in some dark, cavernous abode, but there is no doubt that the cemetery in question (photograph above; copyright Nick Redfern) has been an absolute beacon for monstrous and weird activity for the last two decades.

And, it's certainly the case that the area has been the site of animal (particularly deer) mutilations, and tales of marauding "things" lurking in the woods.

Whatever is going on, it seems that something is being seen; and as someone who has undertaken a wealth of investigations into werewolf and wolfman encounters, I shall be following this story very closely. Indeed, as soon as I get the chance, I shall be back, descending on the area once again myself.

All comments, encounters, reports and opinions are welcome here at this blog!

If you decide to check out the story in person for yourself, remember to keep a careful watch if it's a full moon...


Fyre said...

Fascinating report Mr. Redfern. I'm certain you're aware of similar reports from Wisconsin in the US of wolflike animals that also ran off on two legs. You mentioned other strange phenomena in that area, do you see any coincidences or possible correlations between those and the wolf-creatures?

borky said...

Nick, my first reaction as I started reading this was maybe it's just some sort of a soft prat of a studenty mime artist type, all costumed up and taking the p*ss.

Then I read on and found myself thinking, this sounds very like electric shock country to me.

What I mean is, years of sheer experience's trained me never to react whenever I see anything 'odd', to switch off my inner narration processes and become very blaise and matter of fact about whatever's on view.

If nothing else, this approach affords me sufficient time to check out whether what I'm looking at isn't really some sort of elaborate optical illusion.

From time to time, though, I've found myself looking at something - possibly even something I'd've normally expected to find relatively banal - and instead gotten this terrific electric shock off it and the distinct sense, not only was it 'thinking', "I'm not supposed to exist, and you're not supposed to be seeing me," but it was just as shocked as I was.

And that's the sense I'm getting here off some of these witnesses, that when the funny-looking dog first stood up, sure, they were shocked, but they quickly recovered and realised it was only some bloke in a dog mask.

What else could it be?

But then - ZAP!!!

It's also very interesting this story's tinged with our old chum, man's best friend, especially as - as far as I'm concerned - Cannock's etymologically identical to canine.

It makes you wonder whether Cannock Chase originally meant, "The Place Where You're Chased By The Dog"!

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Fyre

Yes, I am indeed aware of the similar Wisconsin reports. In fact, I think that particular angle - of the ability of the animals to walk on 2 and 4 legs - is one that persuades me that we are dealing with a growing phenomenon.

It's interesting too that more and more of these reports are surfacing from different parts of the world in the same time frame.

Yes, I do see correlations with the other weird phenomena there. As you may know Linda Godfrey's research has uncovered other cemetery-based werewolf type reports; and the cemetery on the Cannock Chase where that beast has been seen is also home to phantom black dogs, big cats, and Bigfoot like entities.

Frankly, I take less of a "flesh and blood" approach to what these creatures may be, and more of a paranormal approach - re Tulpa/thought-form type phenomena.

Nick Redfern said...


Interesting thoughts. Actually, back in the 80s there were widespread reports on the Cannock Chase and in the surrounding villages of a beast that became known as the "Ghost Dog of Brereton" (so named after the village where most of the reports occurred).

This was a classic "Phantom Black Dog" of British folklore; and so large, unknown - and possibly paranormal - dog/wolf-like things have been seen on the Chase for a long time.

Having grown up there, I know what a weird place the Chase can be in terms of the high-strangeness attached to it.

AWT said...

Nick, thanks for your summary of the "werewolf" sightings in Cannock Chase. There really doesn't seem to be any middle ground possible with them- either the witnesses hallucinated, lied, or saw something very strange and terrible indeed. Funny how domestic dogs often get blamed (as mididentifications) for sightings of mysterious big cats in North America and in Britain. Yet, can you imagine one of the larger breeds trained to walk about on its hindlimbs so that it resembles a werewolf? Maybe you can watch a trained toy poodle or even a retriever perambulate on its hind legs on Letterman's show or YouTube. But seeing an Alaskan Huskie or German Shepherd do it? Regardless of its plausibility, that sight would be very unnerving!

wes said...

I encountered a werewolf (lack of better description) in England in 1970, I was 20 yrs old when I was stationed at RAF Alconbury. I was in a secure weapons storage area when i encountered it. It seemed shocked and surprized to been caught off guard and I froze in total fright.I was armed with a .38 and never once considered using it. There was no aggression on its part. I could not comprehend what I was seeing.It is not human. It has a flat snout and large eyes.It's height is approx 5 ft and weight approx.200 lbs.It is very muscular and thin. It wore no clothing and was only moderately hairy. It ran away on its hind legs and scurried over a chain link fence and ran deep into the dense wooded area adjacent to the base. I was extremely frightened but the fear developed into a total commitment of trying to contact it again..I was obsessed with it. I was able to see it again a few weeks later at a distance in the wooded area. I watched it for about 30 seconds slowly moving throught the woods and I will never forget my good fortune to encounter it.... and to know this "creature" truly does lives among us.

Nick Redfern said...


Yes, I saw the walking poodle - funny, but I think impossible to train a large dog to do something similar.

You're right: with cases like this it has to be real, lies or hallucination.

Given that the Chase has been home to high strangeness for years, I tend to think they saw something very real - but I'll admit that it's a puzzle as to what it was.

Taking into consideration the fact that most of the UK werewolf cases have paranormal overtones (do a Google on "Hexham Heads" for a classic example), I think these things are less natural and more supernatural.


Nick Redfern said...


Wow, an incredible account - many thanks! Yes, I can well imagine that this would have a profound affect on you.

Your description was very vivid and is again a perfect example of the fact that "something" is indeed out there, in the woods.

It's cases such as yours that demonstrate how prevalent these things actually are.

Makes me wonder how many other reports are out there; and how man of these "things" may be lurking in the darker parts of the UK...

Thanks again

SevenThunders said...

Personally from my research into these sorts of things, the phenomena increase as the local population become more involved with occult activity.

It was Jacques Vallee who concluded that the UFO phenomenon and the various encounters with these strange beings were essentially hostile and deceptive.

Such accounts are not much different from demon possession experiences described from the middle ages to the present day. In fact it is rare to find someone who has a UFO or cryptid experience who is not involved in the occult in some way.

I think borky made a brilliant observation concerning the attempt of the cryptid to seemingly deceive the human mind into believing the creature was not real! This is absolutely fascinating and once again points to the spiritual dimension of this phenomenon.

As we degenerate further into the post-christian moral abyss, expect to see these sorts of terrors afflict mankind more regularly.

Nick Redfern said...

Seven Thunders:

The points you raise are interesting because a lot of people I've spoken with have said these specific werewolf-type creatures seemed to exhude a very negative energy, and ooze a sense of evil and hatred.

And in fact, all the cases I've come across have had paranormal aspects to them, rather than purely physical ones.


AWT said...

I take exception to the claim made by SevenThunders in his/her previous post, "it is rare to find someone who has a UFO or cryptid experience who is not involved in the occult in some way." This generalization implies that some type of broad, quantitative analysis of sightings was done. Maybe it was and I am just not familiar with it? Admittedly I am not nearly as seasoned as Mr. Redfern nor other leading investigators of cryptozoology or the paranormal, but witnesses with whom I have corresponded were not already "true believers" or occultists nor had biases or a priori expectations that might seem to make them more likely to witness strange phenomena. (There might be a discrepancy in such tendencies of witnesses as far as who reports their encounters.) From much of the crypto-literature that I've read (e.g., Coleman, Bord, Redfern, Shuker) witnesses of cryptids seem to represent a diverse cross-section of society and overwhelmingly seem quite "normal" (i.e., personally and professionally stable, no prior sightings, no apparent incentive for seeking publicity). Apparent or professed interests in paranormal or the occult by witnesses might have purposefully omitted by the investigator when preparing his/her reports (to make their veracity more convincing), but I doubt it. Not being as familiar with the UFO or ghost/haunting literature I can't comment on those, but I wouldn't be surprised if the trends were similar. Nick, I'd really like to get your view on this- thanks.

druidbros said...

ST and Nick, youre both daft. Being involved with the occult has nothing to do with seeing these kinds of things. Stop trying to make it about that. My uncle saw a UFO and he was not involved with anything like that. Just because you want to believe in the supernatural (yes thats what Christianity is) dont apply that standard to everything.

The American Indians also had a legend of the 'skinwalkers' who could take the shape of a wolf and run on two legs. Lewis and Clark even saw this and wrote about it in their journal as they explored the Western U.S. There are many things we still dont know about on this planet. This week they were talking about the 300 new species of animals they had discovered in Antarctica.

Unknown said...

Hi Nick - Interesting reports especially in light of the Wisconsin phenomena investigated by Linda Godfrey.

I don't know if this is relevant or not, or even if they are in the same vicinity - since I don't really know my UK geography all that well - but they are interesting from a historical perpsective. Elliott O'Donnelll mentions several werewolf reports in his CASEBOOK OF GHOSTS from early in the last century. One taking place in Merionethshire, another in Cumberland, another in the Valley of the Doones, Exmoor.

As your last comment states, in the encounters O'Donnell relates, the "werewolf-type creatures seemed to exhude a very negative energy, and ooze a sense of evil and hatred".

I agree that it seems more and more likely that we are dealing with some sort of paranormal phenomena, as opposed to a flesh-and-blood creature.

Nick Redfern said...


There's a good reason why I consider the UK werewolf cases to be paranormal - and that's because in practically every case on record, the beasts exhibit what could be termed paranormal aspects - such as (literally) vanishing in thin-air; shape-shifting into other beasts (such as conventional wolf to "wolf-man"; and repeated encounters in the vicinity of cemeteries or stone circles.

You confuse things, too. Do I believe in the existence of some sort of paranormal activity? Yes, I do; however, I do NOT believe it has anything to do with being a Christian or not.

Personally, I do not consider myself to be a Christian (and I'm not sure I even believe in life after death - to most Brits, church is not that an important thing. I only go to church to see people get married or buried).

I personally think that much of the paranormal can be explained by quantum physics. See, for example, Marie Jones' "PSIence" book.

Yes, there are paranormal "things" out there; but note in my replies I have NEVER said that my acceptance of these being paranormal is tied in with Christianity.

The paranormal, I am sure, exists. But, I'm equally sure it will be explained scientifically.

And, I'm fairly confident that when I die, it will be the end. Lights out. Game over. Nothing else.

Nick Redfern said...


I agree with you that most people who see UFOs aren't involved in the occult etc.

However, it is an undeniable fact that there are "cross over" cases where UFOs are seen in the same vicinity as UFOs and vice versa.

A classic example is Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, UK, scene of the famous 1980 UFO landing.

Rendlesham is also home to centuries old "Phantom Black Dog" cases; big cats; and a Bigfoot like creature known as the "Shug Monkey."

So, while I agree that having an interest in the occult does not have a direct bearing on whether or not you see a UFO, it is a fact that where one weird "thing" (such as a UFO) is seen in one area; then very often something else is too - which, to me, suggests that we are dealing with phenomena (or a single phenomenon) that is not as it appears to initially be.

Nick Redfern said...


Yes, I am aware of Elliott's work; and this indeed reinforces the fact that there is hardly a report in the UK (from now or the past) that is suggestive of physical, conventional creatures.

Whether it's these new sightings at the Cannock Chase cemetery or the Hexham Heads, or the Abbotsham Werewolf, etc etc, the cases all have a high degree of paranormal/weird activity attached to them.

If people can prove otherwise, then that's fine and I'll be quite happy to change my views.

But unless someone can explain in physical terms the ability to appear and vanish, shape-shift, hang out in cemeteries etc, like you I'll go with the paranormal angle - whatever that may ultimately mean.

AWT said...

Point well taken, Nick. I enjoyed learning about the diversity of the Rendlesham Forest phenomena in Three Men Seeking Monsters. Had not known all that about Rendlesham (apart from the 1980 UFO sighting) until reading 3Men. I can't help but wonder if the "window" nature of that location was also known to the nuts-and-bolts crowd of investigators that were consulted on the UFO documentaries that featured Rendlesham.

Getting back to who witnesses phenomena, Coleman (1983 and subsequent editions) made an interesting observation that his files contained certain last names of witnesses that seemed disproportionately frequent relative to their "availability" in the general pool. I wonder, might a similar trend exist in terms of which individuals that admit to an affinity for the occult/paranormal? And as far as the issue of where multiple kinds of encounters happen, the trends in names of places were equally remarkable, especially considering the paranormal nature of their etymology in many cases (see Coleman).

An engaging discussion, no doubt!

Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, there are some interesting place-name correlations. Places named Jefferson seem to have a high degree of weirdness attached to them: Bigfoot, werewolves, ghosts.

And here's something very weird: my wife's aunt runs a bed and breakfast Jefferson, TX - which the Texas Bigfoot Group use to accomodate their speakers at their yearly conference!

Jefferson TX has a huge amount of hauntings too.

Jurian said...

Frenche translation

Thanks for this article !

woiak25 said...

i have to say mr. redfern your reports are really intreseting

Nick Redfern said...


Thanks; I try and cover some of those areas that some of the more mainstream cryptozoology sites stay away from - as I think these are some of the more intriguing facets of the puzzle and where we will find the answers.

Carol Arnall said...

Dear Nick,
Have just read your blog about the wolfish creature seen on the Chase. I live not far from the Chase and have been collecting and publishing Staffordshire Ghost stories etc. for years.
Unfortunately The Stafford Post 'forgot' to publish my email to them whereby I told them that there are no strange creatures peopling that area of the Chase apart from a very hairy TRAMP he often visits the cafe in that area (I'm sure you must remember it, the cafe I mean), why these stories get circulated so fast is beyond me.
They mention dogs disappearing on the Chase as if this is some supernatural phenomena. No, it isn't there are old mine workings and many notices over the Chase point this out for you to be wary of yourself and your dogs!
Let me re-assure everyone there are no spooky creatures on Cannock Chase, the only thing you are likely to see if you are very lucky are the herds of wild deer etc. I have walked across Cannock Chase for many years and never seen anything that resembles these strange sightings.
If there are these fiendish creatures that get reported how come the deer are not attacked and eaten by them? There would obviously be evidence left, and the forestry workers would soon report it.

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Carol

Thanks for the comments. I have to say that these stories of weird creatures over the Chase have definitely split people on opinion etc.

Although the press reports generated a lot of reports from people who emailed me with their stories of seeing weird creatures on the Chase, on examination practically all (aside from just 3) seemed far more paranormal in nature than actually having anything to do with flesh and blood animals.

Curtain said...

I have a photo of a Bi Pedal Canine creature. See

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks Rob, very interesting. Are there any more updates on this?

Curtain said...

Nick I am doing some interesting research into the sightings and descriptions of the bi pedal dog like creature in North Eastern Canada. One interesting thing is that there are almost no Bigfoot sightings in this particular region of Quebec. However the natives have described the Loup Garou in that area for centuries!

tristan said...

i would like to make a few things clear there has never been any sigitng of naything like that in Wisconsin US i have a firend there she say thers been nothing any what 2 hte poit

there a 3 accounts i know of one is on of myslef

1st when the 6ht legion wnet to york they campted out side not the lorica back hten was to strong it could easly delfect a swond an acount tranlates as this "it borke from the busesh its teeth as long as a gladious it claws where as sharp as an arrow head it tore in to our heavy infrnetrry and tore them apprt the more we hit it the more it hit back0

5 years later hte 9th legion came to oyrk the only suriver siad the same reort but two attack it did not fall nore bleed there men where like children two these gods but werewolfs is likontroght in latin which menas werwoflf and sometimes evil one)

my friend was the army as a high ranking cadet and a possble futer there my firend Stew said i could come along as long as it was ok wiht the supiorer officers there was reports of goings on there we went armed wiht blankes just to scare but as a procrtion we always briong a handgun wiht live ammo this ws in dolbey foret. we campted oiut we hand no ide what we we looking for and a elven aclock it happned hte full mon is just a myth it was only a half moon they was lots of noise we woke up made redy shoted stop it came cloer wer fired a riple fire of black it stope hte red eys shone we all drew our hand guns and smoke granes i only ahd a gun that hold 12 bullters sicne i was not fully tranesd but i had a back up it ran forwed it stood 6 foo tall hunced over drool fell fom it teeth claws las long as knife it jumpted a good6 foot laned on kwolskey it tore him apprt we fired at it it onl got it more pissed it tore three more apprt it went for jess got her and clawed at ehr chest srage things is she ran off hevly injerd we throght evreything we had evechaly it left and draage tate along wiht it the next morenig we radioed in they chinoke was to be there in the morening and 12 we got up a 6 found a bloody trai no jess but anoter camp this had live ammo it was from the 50s we could tell by hte guns there lay a skeltion it its ribs torn apprt wehn it laned we got the skeliton gmae it a slolger tomb my stews hair wa black its now white he ledt the army now im not jonihg he was an athiest now hes religous he always carries a cross only goes out a night with lots of freins and never goes out on a hlaf moon or full moon me idont go out on full moon or half i have not turend to religon that wont help)

Liam.v said...

i am only 12 years old but when i was 10 i was walking through a large peice of lightly wooded land at about 10 pm in the summer and it was just getting dark , the land was called the maggot farm with my dad ( its obvious what it was when it was running ) and there are quite alot of skulls and large bones . we went around a corner and my dad froze to the spot ( i was staring down at gameboy ) i said " dad whats up " he covered my mouth with his hand and pulled me towards a bush i said " dad you're scaring me now " and all he said was "dont look over the bushes " but of course i was immature so i sneaked a look over the bush there chewing on a rib bone was what looked like a Bear but slightly lighter it looked about 180 lb i froze and kept staring the worst thing was its eyes they were about the size of tennis balls but had an eerie green glow about them when i hid again we started moving away but my dad snapped a twig under his foot the "thing" looked up and saw us it stood up and was about to start moving toward us ( but where i live there are alot of motorbikes ) when a group of teenagers came thundering into the maggot farm on some quads the thing turned and ran the boys stopped and said to us " what the f*** was that " we said we did not know when we stood up we ran the 2 miles back to my house . that night has stook with me forever and now i truely beleive that there is more out there than we think

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Liam
Thanks very much for this - very interesting! Was this in England? Were you able to make out any actual features of the face of the animal?

RasJ said...

Wow I never thought people actually believe this stuff...I'm not clear on this stuff myself...Never seen a werewolf but my priest once described in graphic detail about exorcisms that he had conducted before coming to our church and I believe he was certainly telling the truth...To think that most people would laugh this kind of story off if they heard 9 times out of 10...But then again, what if??? If demons and exorcisms are real and even acknowledged by clergyman then why not werewolves...The question is what should we do if we have the misfortune of encountering one of the creatures...Does the fact that they are seemingly paranormal, mean that their bodies are not physical entities and therefore they cannot physically harm us? There have been stories of the supernatural and of werewolves in particular for thousands of years and all over the world in numerous unrelated cultures, so there has to be some substance to these myths if you like which has left such a strong impression on the human psyche...It makes me think whether it is my mind playing tricks on me after all, when I walk through deserted areas at night and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up for no apparent reason...Very, very intrigueing

RasJ said...

Wow I never thought people actually believe this stuff...I'm not clear on this stuff myself...Never seen a werewolf but my priest once described in graphic detail about exorcisms that he had conducted before coming to our church and I believe he was certainly telling the truth...To think that most people would laugh this kind of story off if they heard 9 times out of 10...But then again, what if??? If demons and exorcisms are real and even acknowledged by clergyman then why not werewolves...The question is what should we do if we have the misfortune of encountering one of the creatures...Does the fact that they are seemingly paranormal, mean that their bodies are not physical entities and therefore they cannot physically harm us? There have been stories of the supernatural and of werewolves in particular for thousands of years and all over the world in numerous unrelated cultures, so there has to be some substance to these myths if you like which has left such a strong impression on the human psyche...It makes me think whether it is my mind playing tricks on me after all, when I walk through deserted areas at night and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up for no apparent reason...Very, very intrigueing

Jamesy09 said...

I found this website looking for somewhere to report a sighting which no-one else seems to beleive.

It was around 10pm on thursday last week when i was walking through my local woodland in my home town of bedlington, nortumberland, i had the feeling something was waching me so proceeded to walk very fast to the enterance of the woodland. whn i reached the enterance were i looked back to see if it had just been my imagination but sure another what i thought was a rather shaggy german sheperd dog was moving in and out of the tree line, i watched it for a few minutes before it gazed straight at me and reared up onto its hind legs and proceeded to watch me.

i didnt wait around to see if it follwed me or ran off, but i am sure it was not a normal animal. I have send email to local newspaper but noone seems to take any notice of me, i was wondering if anyone on this board could help put my mind at rest.

thank you

Nick Redfern said...

Many thanks indeed for your report - which is very interesting. It is very typical of a lot of these stories, where the creature is able to change from walking on 2 legs to 4. If you want to chat more about it, you can reach me direct at the "Contact" section of my website, which is

Nick R.

Curtain said...

James. If you can, contact me. I would like to show you a photo to find out if the creature in the photo is what you saw.

kenneth said...

I dont believe in werewolves.
This is my speculation:

"Why should we call someone a werewolf when he/she actually does not act or behave like a wolf?"

Check it here:

squeakal said...

if this is true in staffordshire, we will come up and capture one of these entities. email we are professional MMA(mixed martial artist) versed in all tactics and SAS/SBS/counter techniques. we have technology 20 years infront of the current civilian market and 10k years of tracking/hunting skills from many dinisties. you could call us free mercenaries i suppose. if you are not full of it... Ha. the money we could possibly make if this is the truth would more than compensate our efforts

smurtall said...

When i was young i remember i was traveling with my mom and dad and im sure it was the Cannock area. Well we were driving along and my mom shouted what the bloody hell is that!
I looked up and saw the most scary and ugly dog running streight infront of the car,my dad breaked sharply and the dog ran off into the darkness on the other side of the road.
I remember it was as tall as the front of the car,was black and i think brown but im not certain about the brown. It looked demented really angry or something. It's eyes were slits and appeared to glow but that could just have been the reflection of the headlights as it was dark, But the thing that scared me even to this day was its snout it was snarling so fiercley that it showed nearly all it's teeth.
It came from a dark field and we were driving down a country lane.

Stafford Lad said...

About 13 years ago myself a two mates were driving through the one of the trailes that filter through Cannock Chase.

For some bizarre reason whilst sitting there int the quiet- I let out a wolf howl as it was full moon.

Anyway what returned was a very large howl from a short distance away. I promptly put the my foot down and sped off. We were all bricking it.

I didnt see anything but it sent a shiver through us all.

Stafford Lad said...

About 12 years ago, myself and two mates where driving through one of the travks that filter through the chase. It was late a night and we were just having a drive to pass time.

Anyway, we pulled up and topeed to have a cigarette.

It was the middle of the night and we were just sitting there chilling for w hile. For some reason I just decided to let out wolf type howl as we slowly drove off and what came back from just a few yards away in the bushes just out of sight was a growled deep howl back at us.

I promptly put my foot down and wheel spinned away. All of us in the car where in a mini state of shock. There was something very chilling about it as one of the lads had joked he though something was watching us whilst we had been sitting there.

We were in the middle of nowhere and there was no other vehicles or people in that area - we were in the middle of the sticks.

I live in Stafford which is just next to the Chase and there regular sighting of unknown beasts - to the point now where locals don't even laugh about it - as most people think there are things lurking in that forest.

I wouldnt wonder around there late at night. Also there is a massive population of Deer up there that could quite easily sustain other creatures on the Chase - as there are no predators living there (Message to our USA friends - We don't have bears, wolves or large cats living in the England anymore).

Nick Redfern said...


Cheers for the comments - very interesting. I grew up in Pelsall, and even though I live in the US now, I always try and highlight what's afoot on the Chase.

I probably have about 10 or 15 werewolf reports from the Chase, and 5 or 6 of normal wolves, so something weird is definitely going on, and your report is a good addition to the cases we have.

FourColorFilms said...

Hi Nick,
Just been reading your blog, fantastic stuff and a thoroughly interesting topic! I am a student filmmaker interested in the ideology of werewolves and the supernatural, I was wondering where you got your sources from, as I am specifically hoping to look into the werewolf sightings of Cannock Chase.
If you have any information at all that would be very helpful,
Thank you
Ben Cowan

Nick Redfern said...

Hey Ben:

One of the best sources for info on the Cannock Chase werewolves is the local "Chase Post" newspaper. They have archived editions at the Cannock Library, and they have covered the werewolf sightings on probably at least a dozen occasions in the last 3 or 4 years.

Cheers, Nick.

warhammer report said...

hey, i live in west yorkshire, just above a heavily wooded cycle route. about a year ago i was walking along it when i say what i believe is a werewolf. it was hunched, quite hairy but not completely, its had a short stump like tail. it had a elongated face, but still not quite as long as a canines, and had really wierd eyes. it started sniffing the ground and coming towards me, i was terrifed. but a couple were coming down the path on ther bikes. the thing turned and dives straight into the bush. since then there have been a few sighting, people claiming to have seen bairs, black panthers, massive dogs. but the thing is this is west yorkshire! there are no animals like that. i have seen it once sicne then, with my girlfriend. she screamed when she saw it and it ran away again. have u heard of anything in the bradford area of west yorkshire?

Nick Redfern said...

Hey Warhammer

Many thanks for this. No, I haven't heard of reports in that area.

Do you think it could have been something like a wild-boar maybe? If not, it sounds like a very weird creature!

warhammer report said...

i doubt it, its quite an industrial area, well used and just a small patch of woodland, maybe half a mile long. i doubt if anything like that could survive in that sort of enviroment.

Nick Redfern said...

Ok cool, do let me know if you get to see it again, and maybe we can try and resolve what it is - thanks!

FourColorFilms said...

Hi Nick,
My name is Ben Cowan, I am a film production student currently studying at University for Creative Arts at Farnham, Surrey. I have been tasked with creating an interesting and informative portrait documentary piece, for which I have chosen the topic of werewolves, specifically choosing the area of Cannock Chase; which I have learnt is considered by many as 'the spookiest place in the country.'
Therefore I write to ask for your consideration and co-operation with our project, and simply to ask of the chances of shooting an interview with yourself; revolving around the ideology behind the werewolf, any stories you may have encountered on your hunts, as well as any personal emotions you feel towards the existence of such a mythical creature. Helping to provide our documentary with a strong backbone and credibility through the findings of an expert.
Thank you for your time,
I look forward to your response,
Ben Cowan

Nick Redfern said...

Hey Ben

I would be very pleased to be interviewed, as I have a lot of data on the Cannock Chase werewolf stories.

The only hassle (which you may not be aware of) is that although I am British by birth, and lived for a while only 10 minutes from the Cannock Chase, I live in the United States - in Dallas.

So, I'm guessing that might make it difficult re an interview! But, anyway, let me know.


Unknown said...

View photo at this location, this is my site that discusses this photo.

FourColorFilms said...

Thanks for your quick response Nick,
That does sound like a major doorstop in my operation! Unfortunately I was not aware of your current location, and simply assumed you were still in the Cannock Chase area.
I don't suppose you are aware of anybody else with similar levels of information to yourself in the field, that might be accessible to me are you?
Essentially all I need is the interview to stand as a 'Voice of God' narrative over the top of the piece.
Do you have access to any sound recording equipment, providing you would still be interested in recording something for me.
I look forward to your response.
Ben Cowan

Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, I am long gone from the Chase, and moved to the US just under 10 years ago. I do get back a couple of times a year for a couple of weeks per trip, but won't be over again until mid-next year.

I don't have access to professional audio equipment; however, failing that you might want to speak with the author Lionel Fanthorpe (not sure of his contact details, but a Google search will probably find him), who has also dug into, and writtenm about the Cannock Chase sightings.

FourColorFilms said...

That's brilliant Nick, thank you very much for your help and good luck with your publishings!

Wayne Anthony said...


I am currently in the latter stages of finishing a book on Haunted Stoke, Myths, Magic and Folklore, due to be published in the first half of 2011. I have heard several firsthand accounts of contact with werewolf, shape shifting creatures, two of which are encounters which have occurred within Cannock Chase vicinity, one woman claims to have actually fed one on a regular basis and of having been within ten foot of the creature in clear visible evening light!
In previous books I have written there have been numerous reports and tales of werewolf and vampire encounters told to me concerning the midlands, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire to name a few, Staffordshire seems to be the UK hotspot for them.
My particular interest in the area of these shape shifters is the folklore attached to their sightings i.e. do you know of or have any information as to whether the sightings of these creatures correspond to the phases of the moon, the full moon being a cliché and yet no doubt written into mythology for a reason, also the appearance of Wolfsbane, (Monkshood /Aconitum) also appearing in the same area as some of the sightings, there appears to be some evidence but not enough to make any definite or firm assumptions as to their appearance. Any information or pointers would be gratefully appreciated, deadlines are looming near and I would like to do this section of the book in an informative and as well researched way as possible.

Wayne Anthony.

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Wayne:

One of the best sources for info on the Cannock Chase werewolves is the local "Chase Post" newspaper.

They have archived editions at the Cannock Library, and they have covered the werewolf sightings on probably at least a dozen occasions in the last 3 or 4 years.

There are a lot of leads, data, sources, places etc listed in ther articles that would give you loads of good info to work with.

Cheers, Nick.

Unknown said...

I think that a wolf like creature could be a result of evolution and hybrids.I do agree that there is something out there but I don't think it should be feared or hurt in anyway. If these creatures were to be feared then most eyewitnesses would have been dissolved in the creatures stomach acids by now.I;ve read about cat-like creatures: just exotic pets that were released into the wild once they were illegal to have. Wolf like creature: same theory again. I'm not worried about the people in the forest, I'm worried about what will happen to the creatures when scientists find them. We should try to protect these great wonders of fantasy/fiction/reality.