Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wolves & Werewolves

My latest Lair of the Beasts column at delves into a weird spate of "wolf/werewolf" sightings that occurred in the vicinity of Britain's Cannock Chase woods in the summer of 2006. Me and Dana were over there at the time - for about 5 months - and it was a weird and surreal time/investigation, to say the least!


cryptidsrus said...

Great story, Nick!!!
Most people can distinguish between a dog and a wolf---so I tend to believe these eyewitnesses.
Hopefully more sightings will occur.

Anonymous said...

I remember the FT mentioning an incident on Cannock Chase at the time:- a farmer found a large wolf-ish creature bothering his livestock, and on approaching it the creature got up on two legs and ran off.
It seems to flee bipedally when surely all fours would be faster.No reports of aggression to humans either, nor any of the usual paranormal traits.Spooks don't jaywalk motorways or harass livestock.
Perhaps the Highways Agency capture story was an attempt to defuse the story, possibly after something was found and shot by the police, a fate which I suspect befalls publicity-hungry pumas, panthers and boars.

Nick Redfern said...


Yep, there's been a few of those reports from the Cannock Chase of animals moving from 2-legs to 4 and vice-versa. They have definitely gone quite lately; but there were a lot in 2007.