Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Anomalist - Today

As The Anomalist tells us today...

Dragons - All Between the Ears? TPOD. In maverick science news of the day: Comparative mythologist Rens Van der Sluijs takes a look at the dragon legends of yore. But Van der Sluijs sees another possibility for the ancients' pervasive tales of winged serpents. Where does Van der Sluijs find the images ancient man translated into legends of fiery flying serpents?

Champ: What Was in the Olsen Video? Ghostsamongus. Following the May release of footage shot on Lake Champlain by Eric Olsen, former Burlington, VT, resident Stephanie Hope, who grew up in that city, traveled to the site of the filming. Here she presents images of her own showing the perspective and distances between where Olsen was standing and some familiar lake objects. Does Hope's imagery add anything to the attempt to explain what Eric Olsen captured on film the morning of May 31, 2009? Meanwhile, at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman presents an exclusive interview with the executive producer of a popular television show, following up on readers' questions, as seen in Exclusive MonsterQuest Interview: Doug Hajicek; and more evidence is brought forth concerning a July 10 Pennsylvania incident in Fayette Bigfoot: Investigative Photos.

Pig Born with the Face of a Monkey The London Paper. While a bill has been introduced in the Congress of the United States to prevent the combination of human and animal fetuses, there may be some such legislation needed in China, as you'll probably realize after reading this report. With photo and slide show of other "freaks of nature."


cryptidsrus said...

Good report by Stephanie Hope---although (ultimately) given the nature of the Olsen Film it could be ANYTHING. Cryptomundians have speculated everything from Driftwood to Snapping Turtles (highly unlikely, but it HAS been suggested).

Personally I think it probably shows the real deal. It almost certainly is NOT a deer or moose.
The body is too elongated.

Ultimately it is too "ambiguous" or "indefinite" for people to start cheering yet.
Do you think along the same lines, Nick?

Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, I'd definitely agree, Not a deer or moose; but yep - still a bit early to say it's truly Fortean.