Monday, July 20, 2009

Flying "Things": A Review

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, good friend - and fellow creature-seeker - Ken Gerhard was planning on coming up from San Antonio to lecture yesterday for the Dallas-Fort Worth Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) group, on the subject of weird flying entities, including Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster, the spate of "Flying Humanoids" that have been reported from Mexico over the last few years, and much more.

As Ken had to work Saturday, it was close to the witching-hour when he arrived at our house; but that didn't stop me, Dana and Ken hanging out and generally having a good time, as we sat around talking about music, current projects, and - of course - those pesky winged-things!

It was around 2.00 a.m. that we finally turned in for the night, and before any of us knew it, Sunday morning had arrived, and the 30-minute drive to the venue was beckoning. And, I'm pleased to say that Ken had an excellent turn-out of somewhere between 45 and 50 people. So, you may ask: what of the lecture? Well, Ken began by talking about his background, and revealed that when he was a child his mother worked as a travel-agent. As a result, she had the opportunity to travel regularly and widely - and took the young Ken along, too - to such locations as the Amazon Jungle, Australia, and Loch Ness; to name just a few cool places.

Of course, and not surprisingly, it didn't take long before Ken was well on the road towards becoming a cryptozoologist.

And, with that said, it was onto the subject of the lecture: unknown flying entities; some of which seem definitively cryptozoological in nature, and others that appear to straddle the fields of cryptozoology and ufology.

The clearly-captivated audience listened attentively as Ken discussed his investigations of (A) giant bird-like entities in South Texas (as well as Pterosaurs reported from the same area); (B) Cama Zotz - a bat-deity from the Mayan culture; (C) huge winged monsters seen in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico; and (D) the Lechuza - a witch that was said to have the ability to transform itself into what resembled a giant, white owl.

Ken also dug deep into the famous - and highly-intriguing - 1950s stories of the Houston Batman; the 1960s events at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, as chronicled in the pages of the late John Keel's The Mothman Prophecies; as well as the creepy tale of a "flying witch attack" from Mexico in 2004 - a case that you may know about; since it was all across the Net at the time of its occurrence.

In addition, Ken referred to a thought-provoking report of a winged, Chupacabra-type entity seen in Texas a couple of years ago, and revealed to the audience the details of a couple of new TV shows he's currently working on: one on the mysterious flying entities of Mexico; and the other on werewolves. From what Ken has told me, both productions sound like essential viewing.

Perhaps weirdest of all - and truly Fortean in nature - were those "flying entity" reports that involved very human-looking creatures that seemed to have mechanical wings strapped to their bodies, along with what were possibly "jet-packs" or "control-panels." Secret military experiments? Maybe. However, the fact that, in one such report at least, the entity had a "demonic face" seems to leave this matter open to a more-than-liberal degree of interpretation.

Ken also dug into another interesting facet of the puzzle: the correlations between sightings of huge winged creatures and animal/cattle-mutilations. Although the data was brief, it suggested that further follow-up on such matters may prove to be eye-opening.

Then, after a length Q&A session, it was time to relocate to a local Mexican restaurant for food and liquid refreshment, where the debate continued at a fine and steady pace.

But things were not quite over: after returning to our house that evening, Ken was faced with a five-hour-drive back to San Antonio. That's dedication for you!

So, all in all, it was a great afternoon, and one filled with thought-provoking tale after thought-provoking tale of a wide variety of monsters of the skies.

And as Ken noted, as we certainly don't have all the answers yet as to what these entities may be, his research and on-site investigations are set to continue.


Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

Sounds like it was a fabulous lecture and good time had by all. Wish I couldve been there!
Maybe next time! ; )

Nick Redfern said...


You would have loved it!

borky said...

Nick, since, by the peculiarly ad hoc 'Rules of Engagement' I pretend to myself I'm operating by, you've gone and 'synchronistically' dubbed this blog 'Flying "Things"', this gives me 'permission' to update you on my 'attempt' to visit you in one of your dreams.

(Really, though, I'm like a leaf being blasted all over the place vainly attempting to steer things in a direction more to my suiting).

Anyway, initially, everytime I started drifting off into that twilighty zoney bordery point which occurs just before we're properly conked out, I'd feel this ruddy great fist smash me in the face and jolt me back awake.

But being used to far worse, I just kept at it, refusing to be intimidated - but then things started stepping up a notch and I started experiencing this sensation like a 20 stone wrestler horizontally slamming down on me from a great height.

And all of this went on for three days and nights without me getting a wink of sleep!

But when I finally did get to sleep I started having these out of body type experiences where I wouldn't be sure whether or not I was asleep but I'd immediately rush headlong at the nearest wall so as not to allow myself time to chicken out in case if I was actually awake I'd be frightened of bashing my brains out.

Fortunately, though, instead of busting me head open I'd just bounce off the wall and ping around the room like one of them little rubber crazy balls.

In between all this, I'd be like a bluebottle, bopping myself facefirst up against my windowpane, unable to actually get through the glass but equally unable to stop myself trying!

But I finally felt I might be getting somewhere when I had this one where I had this distinct sensation I was somewhere in your neck of the woods, hovering over this sort of housing estate of relatively low level buildings with roofs tiled with these sort of peculiar shaped - to me - rusty-ish coloured sort of thick ornate ceramic plates.

Anyway, the nearest one I had to one where I actually seemed about to reach you was one I had within the last week or so.

There I was, a flying 'thing' - just like in your title! - when suddenly this sort of dot or point in space appeared just below me.

Now that seemed promising because the two experiences I'd had where I seemed to pop into someone else's dreams while I was awake started off with this sort of pale 'white' dot appeaing in the air in front of me.

And lo and behold, as I'm peering down at this 'dot', suddenly it sort of ripples and puckers open below me and I can see this somehow familiar baldy guy.

But just as it occurs to me it could be you and I start diving into the 'hole', shouting your name, something yanks me back and I'm sodding well awake.

But just in case it was you smashing me face in all along, then let me apologize in advance if I eventually do somehow pop up in one of your dreams, because honest to god, I have very little - if any - say in these matters.

(It's not likely to be soon, though, because I'm getting really hammered at the moment, really brutal stuff.

(It amazes me all these people who tell me about their little cosmic cuddles with Jesus, and how sweet their various 'gods' are to them, but all I seemed to get is me head kicked in!).


Nick Redfern said...

Hey Alan:

Good to hear from you again - fascinating stuff! No, I didn't experience anything. But definitely try again! This could be an excellent case-study/experiment.

T. Sena said...

Hello Nick,

What about FATIMA? I went to Fatima, Portugal and heard about the visitation from the locals and it sounding like a floating entity to me. About 12-14 years old. Female. Strange features. Bulbs or bulbous protuberances around her neck and waist and ankles. She seemed to float and resembled the flatwoods monster. Not to mention the fact that she told Lucy she was the LADY OF THE OLIVES and no we have this image of a Virginal, Mary-like entity. Can we count in the FATIMA sightings as a flying 'thing' too?

Tina Sena

Nick Redfern said...

Hey Tina

Yeah, I think we can include it. As Ken's lecture pointed out, not all weird winged things are strictly cryptid/cteature-based.

Others are definitely still Fortean; but of a distinctly different nature to Mothman; Owlman, the Pterosaurs etc.

There's a rich variety of flying things around.