Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bird Oddities

Neil Arnold tells of a couple of strange encounters of the bird kind...


cryptidsrus said...

Crows in England genrally are creepy anyway. Britain is so steeped in Supernatural and just "Plain-Strangeness" that it doesn't surprise me Neil saw what he saw.

While reading the story the supposed Legend of the Crows and the Tower of London popped into my head. It was inevitable, I guess.

Maybe they're expecting an eventual "Die-Out" of the Monarchy to come soon?
Who knows? These are such weird times we live in.

Neil A said...

The Tower of London legend pertains to Ravens.

I thought my first experience with the crows on the road was odd but not that scary, but the one tapping at the window just bizarre. Especially as I'd just written a small piece for my new book on the 'Window Tapping Magpie'. I've had lots of synchronicities of late too...I'm just waiting to see a Crowman now!

Ciara said...

Thanks for the correction, Neil!!!