Monday, July 13, 2009

The Michigan Dogman

From The Anomalist:

"The Michigan Dogman: Video, Analysis & Personal Account Phantoms & Monsters. A comment from researcher Linda Godfrey about a new video of an unknown upright canid in Michigan that she says is 'the best and most frightening I've seen so far.' Also included is a separate, yet indirectly supporting, witness account of strange encounters in the night of an unknown biped."

I've had several conversations with Linda about the film, and there's no doubt that it's footage worthy of deep investigation - whatever the ultimate outcome may be.


AWT said...

Thanks Nick! I'll have to view the footage a few more times to render my opinion, but the clip definitely sent a chill down my spine (or maybe I just had the air conditioning cranked up). Would love to substitute a viewing of this video for a ghost story told 'round the campfire.

Neil A said...

Always fascinating to see this footage, to me it still reeks of a hoax, especially the ending with the teeth shot...surely the cameraman would've just fled instead of hanging around? Even so, it is still chilling viewing, and nice to see the footage cleaned up a little, but it would be nice to find out more and see the whole footage the guy filmed. I'm confused however as to how some reports of Dogman, Goatman whatever, get melted into Bigfoot. If that's an original, authentic photo of a humanoid holding prey in that first photo then it looks like Bigfoot to me and not a Dogman.

Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, that's the one thing I always tell people when I'm asked about the film - the ending is very dramatic, Hollywood, Blair Witch-like.

It's definitely interesting and does look old. Plus, you at least get to see the cameraman in one shot, so that may utimately help to date if the person can be identified.

But, like you, I'm still troubled by the ending...