Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's Anomalies

There's some good stuff over at The Anomalist right now and here it is!

Bigfoot and Annual Rainfall in the US Blogsquatcher. The MonsterQuest episode was not the first time it was noticed how well the bigfoot sighting distribution correlates with the annual rainfall amounts. John Green had mentioned it years ago. The argument is made here that "the correlation between sightings and rainfall distribution would be another fact that argued against most sightings being hoaxes." And the black bear distribution does not seem to explain bigfoot sightings either. On Cryptomundo, a preview of upcoming MonsterQuest episodes in Sky Terrors, Tigers, Killer Chimps and Cujo and Mystery Photo, Killer Crocs & Cats + Circus Trains.

Gaiko Groans: Grodno Gorilla Gone Cryptomundo. The mystery ape was last seen in marshy woodlands bordering Latvia, eating corn in farm fields in the Lidsky district. Police now think it was a monkey that got loose from a circus and probably died in the winter snows. But, says Loren Coleman on the hominologie list, "Clearly a family group is being seen, and the police official's explanation that it is nothing more than an 'escaped circus monkey' only goes to make a monkey out of him!" Also on Cryptomundo, a Big Snakes Update and thoughts about how this summer’s rising interest by the media in serpents can be traced back to one fatal incident. And an Andrewsarchus Addenda.

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