Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Do You Think?

A British big-cat on film?


AWT said...

It seems to be about the right size to be a small- to average size black leopard but it holds its tail kind of funny, like I've seen domestic cats do. My only experience w/big cats is limited to a few kinds in zoos. Perhaps wild species can hold their tails at odd angles too.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks A! Will be interesting to see what wildlife experts think as the story spreads.

cryptidsrus said...

I agree with Mr.Belshaw. A dog simply could not balance itself on a rail like that.

As for this being a Normal-Sized Cat, a thorough investigator would have to go back to the scene of the sighiting with Swallow and measure the distance between the spot where Swallow was videotaping
and the Rails themselves. Maybe have a normal-sized Black Cat balance itself on the rail while videotape rolls.

I'm no expert, of course, but given
all that I've seen here it does not seem to me to be an ordinary Kitty-Cat. From that distance (and I know it has not been completely measured yet) a standard Cat would seem smaller.

Swallow also is about as good of an "expert witness" as one could muster. He knows a Dog or Cat when he sees one and he trains Dogs.
He also does not sound like a guy who would jeopardize his career or his reputation if he really did not think he saw what he saw.
Legit and a BULLSEYE, I say.

Hopefully more folks will be able to record more sightings in the coming weeks and months. I'm actually very excited.
I love Alien Big Cat Sightings. Especially in the UK.
And like you, Nick, I wait to hear what the "experts" will say about this.
Thanks very much for the story, Nick.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks for the comments, C!

Neil A said...

Judging by the width of the rail-road tracks it is a large cat, something akin to a young black leopard. Again though, it's the same old footage from a distance and suddenly people start saying it's the best evidence ever...has anyone ever seen the footage taken in Australia from a few years back of a black leopard ? The footage is shot from inside a house just a few metres away, amazing.