Monday, July 27, 2009

Death-Worm Updates

The Mongolian Death-Worm has been in the news again lately - and here's the latest from The Anomalist:

David Farrier to Embark on Hunt for Mongolian Death Worm 3 News. An Auckland, New Zealand, journalist plans to trek to the southern Gobi Desert of Mongolia and use explosives to force the legendary Mongolian Death Worm to the surface. David Farrier will take camerman Christie Douglas along to document the mission. Will Farrier be able to ferret out this legendary cryptid? With image.


Gummerfan said...

Hmm...a team of guys running around the desert, with a bunch of explosives, and a deadly subterranean worm?
Now we're talkin'!

cryptidsrus said...

Very "politically incorrect", but a good idea anyway. If it gets the "Job" done, I'm Ok with it.
All we need now is Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward and a Soundtrack. :)