Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wampus Cat & More

A couple more cool stories from today's Anomalist:

"Legends of the Wampus Cat McDowell News. From the latest edition of "Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird" comes the legendary supernatural cat of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. While Cherokee Indian legends describe a creature the sight of which could drive people insane, modern claims to sightings describe a catlike creature with glowing eyes that walks upright on two legs. Is there any truth to the Wampus Cat legends? Meanwhile, a report from People's Daily highlights some anomalous creatures from the People's Republic in Top Five Lake Monsters in China. With photos. Elsewhere, there are interesting images in the Phantoms & Monsters report Has Ogopogo Been Spotted on Google Earth?


AWT said...

Thanks for the link to the website w/the anomalous image from Lake Okanagan. Makes me wonder whether one could run some type of analysis to "search" pixellated images of that and other lakes for anything matching that size, shape, and color signature. If that shape were "replicable" and turned up occasionally in non-monster-inhabited lakes (;]), it would reassure me that the shape was simply a trick of light, shadow, and/or temperature. And even if it were a physical object, the size alone would seem to prohibit it from being our supposed monster (I'm not aware of any reports of Ogopogo that estimate its size at over 25 meters). Still, that shape seems too conveniently plesiosaur-like to dismiss as mere coincidence! Reminds me of how boat-like shapes have turned up on some satellite images of Mt. Ararat, supposed resting place of Noah's Ark.

Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, I think more research should definitely be done on this matter.

It does indeed looks plesiosaur-like.

Hopefully, someone is on this already.