Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paw Prints of the Big Cat Kind

Just the other day my dad mailed me an article that he had read in a recent issue of a local magazine (called The Pioneer) that is published in the English town of Walsall (where he lives), and which makes for very interesting reading.

Titled The Beast of Barr Beacon (an area of Walsall), it deals with the account of a security guard who came across a series of large paw-prints on a local golf-course - which he proceeded to follow.

It seems that the trail looped around in a huge circle that was around a mile in circumference. Imagine the surprise of the guard - and probably his concern, too - when, as he got back to the beginning of the trail, he found fresh paw-prints that seemed to indicate the beast was now following him!

Not surprisingly, he exited the area quickly - but later learned from a colleague at work that several reports had been made of a large, black cat in the area.

I'll keep you posted if more data on this case comes along.

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