Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The New Gable Film

As some of you may know, on a number of occasions at this blog I have referred to the "Gable Film" - an allegedly old piece of footage showing some sort of strange animal launching a violent attack on the person with the camera.

Well, now there is a new piece of footage to see that appears to be connected to the original one, and which can be viewed over at Cryptomundo. Real? A hoax? Who knows?

In addition, Linda Godfrey has written a good, new piece on the whole controversy which can be found right here.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I agree with Linda. There are many odd things about this second video. It feels like the worst investigation of a crime scene ever. Also, I agree with several Cryptomundians who think the upper torso looks fake —for starters, the clean cut aspect of the upper body, plus the fact that the upper body doesn't show any sign of attack, when the first Gable video would appear to indicate that the "creature" charged and attacked the person holding the camera on the face —unless that part where you can see the gaping mouth was accidentally filmed while the person was fleeing and wasn't holding the camera properly.

Also, you would think the body would have showed a less "lively" color in the skin of the arms, what with all the blood a partially eaten corpse would have lost; unless the authorities discovered the body fairly quickly.

This is all very strange. It feels like a hoax, but it doesn't follow the most obvious resources of a hoax —like being shot at night, for starters. The gaping mouth feels like an edited addition, but that definitely doesn't look like the mouth of mask or a costume.

Nick Redfern said...


Cheers for this. This is precisely the sort of debate I think we need if we are to get to the heart of what the film shows - or doesn't show.