Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Various Stories...

As I've been off-line since Friday, you might want to check out The Anomalist, where business has been as usual for the last few days, and where you'll find some good crypto links (from Cryptomundo and elsewhere) to get your teeth into.


cryptidsrus said...

Good show, Nick.

Tell you what, the Davis "massacre" theory has now been pretty much discounted. Davis says he never actually said there was a massacre and Blogsquatcher says Davis left the impression that there definitely WAS a massacre.

Sheesh. Bah humbug on the lot of them, I say. I still think Gimlin should take a lie detector test---just to make sure--although I'm pretty sure he is telling the truth.And Gimlin, of course, is not going to tka it.
This is the last thing the PG film needs. Too much "they did this, they did that" thing. Davis and his ilk are the reason why Cryptozoology does not get the respect and acceptance it deserves.
It's better to get away from this and watch the new season of Monsterquest. (Heh-heh.)
I'm looking forward to it. Are you, Nick?

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah, it's a seriously weird aspect to the story. Dunno what to think of it all. Yeah, definitely looking forward to the new Monster Quest series!