Monday, May 12, 2008

Bigfoot Thermals

In a thought-provoking piece, the Blogsquatcher discusses the issue of using thermal imagery to find Bigfoot. No luck yet. But why?


Bryan said...

I have a new thermal camera that takes both digital and thermal images at one pull of the trigger.

Unlike night vision where some light is required and you get flare on foliage when the assisting light is activated thermal requires no light -its thermal. Range is also less of an issue as you can scan from a distance.

So, if its out there, tracking it should be far easier. Of course a million hunters and back packers have yet to see anything...

cryptidsrus said...

On the other hand, if we are open-minded enough to think that maybe these are supernatural creatures (or at least having "paranormal" tendencies), it would not be a stretch to suggest they have capabilities to affect the thermal cameras or a least "camouflage" themselves from the devices.

Native Americans have known this for centuries. For them, the Sasquatch can disappear and reappear at will and can even anticipate when a person is going to be at a particular spot minutes before that person goes there.
Lisa Shiel is right. We do really need to look at ALL the probabilities inherent in a phenomenon.