Friday, May 30, 2008

British Bigfoot in the News

The controversy surrounding the YouTube footage said to show a Bigfoot-style beast in Britain's Peak District (that I have recently been discussing at my Man-Beast UK blog) has now reached the eyes and ears of the nation's media - albeit very briefly! Here's the link.


cryptidsrus said...

Still think it is too indistinct and dark to really make out what the heck it is...

But good possibilities.
At least YouTube and its ilk are good for a laugh...

Your take, Nick?

Nick Redfern said...


I think the big problem with the film is that, as with so much of this type of stuff that surfaces at YouTube, it's diffuclt (if not impossible) to prove anything.

After all, 4 decades have gone by since the Patterson film was taken, and people are still debating that, and that film is pretty clear in terms of being able to see whatever it shows.

This new footage is interesting but doesn't really give us anything to work with, aside from indistinct images.