Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Big Bigfoot Controversy

Check out the following (from The Anomalist) for all the latest news on one of the most controversial developments within the Bigfoot field:

"Shooting Incident at Bluff Creek? Wild speculation and comments are flying all over the Internet about a new theory telling of Bigfoot being killed at Bluff Creek. What's behind all of this? Perhaps the answer lies in Bigfoot Massacre: The Theory, filmmaker John L. Johnsen's complete unedited exclusive statement. If what is being said is true, a story of shootings, dead Bigfoot, and buried bodies may be behind the famed film footage of 1967. Either that or one incredible evolving piece of rural folklore is unfolding right before our eyes! The Cryptomundo postings have led to this response from The Blogsquatcher: M. K. Davis and the P/G Film Part 2."

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cryptidsrus said...

I read Blogsquatcher's post with interest. Somebody's lying, for sure. And it looks like Davis and his crowd.

On the other hand, I still think Gimlin should come forward and take a lie detector or something. The guy has had clouds of suspicion (mostly false) dog him for over thirty years. I tend to believe him, but this can be solved if he comes forward and calls out BS for what it is---BS.Put this to rest once and for all.

I wrote in Cryptomundo that discerning what Davis "discerned" from the PG film would make him eligible for a genius grant. You never know, but highly unlikely.

Blogsquatcher made a good point about Patterson. Patterson wanted to make money out of proving the beast existed---with supposedly a group of Bigfeet dead in front of him he is going to bury them?

Highly unlikely. One the other hand, maybe RP decided it was better to let Sasquatch remain an interesting legend at the last minute---maybe he got "conscience" at the last minute---MAYBE---but I seriously doubt it.
He needs to prove how he knows all of this.
"Somembody" needs to be called out on this. Cryptozoology is already burdened with the "psudo-science" label for this to occur, Nick.