Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hot-Spots and Strange Creatures

Lisa Shiel discusses (and includes a link to a very interesting article from Regan Lee) paranormal hot-spots and their links to cryptozoology.


cryptidsrus said...

Could be karma-related.

Could also be related to "psychic sensitivity" in certain people and places.
I personally was once told by a psychic that I have dormant psychic talents. I've tried in my own way to see if I can "bring them out" but cannot. So it could be that the people who experience have advanced sensitivity to them.

I have a funny story somewhat related to this, BTW. With your permission---I'll be brief.
Me and some relatives visited Savannah, Ga last year---considered by many to be THE most haunted city in the country. I mean, half of the OLD part of the city sits on top of a graveyard!!!

Anyway, I signed up for one of the obligatory "ghost tours" that one can sign up for. As it turned out, I took the early afternoon tour for one of them and as such got to be THE ONLY one in the tour (Most people sign up for the late night one, OF COURSE). Actually, it was kind of great for me, since the tour guide (a nice twenty-something lady) took time out to show me some extra sights around downtown she wouldn't ordinarily show a big group. The tour was more leisurely and thorough, as a result. The relevance to Shiel's article comes from a remark the tour guide made to me while we were touring a haunted site---I said I WANTED to see a ghost because I was a "believer"---she said to the effect that "only skeptics see ghosts. You already believe in them. They show themselves most of time to people who don't believe in them. So they will not appear to you."


Anyway, that COULD be one of the explanations for some people being "connected" to psychic activity---the more unbelieving one tends to be, the one is most likely to be see something. Not all the time, but a lot of the time.
Sorry for the length, Nick.
Just thought the anecdote was relevant to the discussion.
Great link, BTW. I love SHIEL and have her book.

Gummerfan said...

I found it suspicious that one of the conditions for the sale of the "Skinwalker Ranch" was that the NIDS team had to agree that no digging would be done on the property.
This issue hasn't really been addressed or discussed to my knowledge.

Nick Redfern said...

No I didn't know that - interesting. Any theories as to why?

Nick Redfern said...

Hey Cryptidsrus:
Very interesting, thanks! I definitely think that there is an aspect of crypto at least that seems to manifest according to belief-drive traits, or even non-belief driven ones.
Not that it relates to all of crypto, of course, but certain things seem to exhibit a definite connection.

Gummerfan said...

Okay, I re-checked the book. NIDS purchased the property from the Gorman (pseudonym) family. Here's the passage I was thinking of: "They (the unnamed previous owners) had inserted some very strange clauses into the real estate contract. No digging on the land without prior warning to the previous owners. No digging? What did that mean? The Gormans chose to overlook this seemingly insignificant idiosyncracy, regarding it as a meaningless clause crafted by elderly eccentrics."