Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Cannock Chase Big Cat Attack?

Is this article further evidence that large, predatory cats are living in the woods of Britain's Cannock Chase? Maybe...


Paul Robinson said...

It seems like the area has had quite the history of paranormal activity in it's time. Do you think it the case that it now has both the paranormal angle and the presence of escaped big cats?

And if so will you think twice before going up there at night on your investigations again?!?


Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, I do think that there is both a flesh and blood and paranormal angle to the Cannock Chase mysteries.

For example, people have seen what appear to be real flesh and blood big cats. And a few years ago, an exotic pet was seen swimming in a pool in Cannock.

However, there are also Bigfoot and werewolf type reports from the Chase. There's no chance that those two types of creature are flesh and blood.

Nope: nothing will ever stop me from doing investigations - night or day!

cryptidsrus said...

That's the spirit, Nick!!!

Say naught the struggle naught availeth...

I also agree there is definitely a paranormal angle to this.