Friday, May 30, 2008

Bigfoot $$$$$$$

Looking for Bigfoot? Wanna win a Million? Now you can!

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cryptidsrus said...

Good thing they've there, Nick...

Unfortunately I do not have a trail camera handy and live in the city. Good to know, though, in case I ever decide to live in the wild and need 300+ dollars for loose cash.

Why only that amount, I wonder.

Good story, Nick, regardless...

P.S.---that footage of the "Sasquatch" on the trail camera reminds of a suit that was tried on to replicate Patty some years ago on a special. A British guy did a documentary for Tv about the search for Bigfoot. Anyway, the suit they used looks somewhat like what you see on the camera, though. Not saying the "thing" in the picture is fake, but it does bring back memories, though.