Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Monster News

As I'm on the road right now, I'm in that position where some days I have the time to do longer posts (such as the interview earlier this week with Michael Woodley on his book, In the Wake Bernard Heuvelmans), and other days I'm tied up with work and stuck with an Internet signal from hell! Today, is definitely the latter!

So, with that said, it's a just a quick round-up of some of the things that caught my eye today, and things will be back on a regular footing again on Monday.

Loren Coleman provides new and intriguing info on the new series of MonsterQuest; more from Loren (on the current controversy concerning the Patterson film that has everyone fired up); and if such a thing were possible (and according to this story it is), there's even more accounts of big cats on the loose in Britain's Cannock Chase woods!

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