Friday, May 9, 2008

Monster Links

Here's a stack of great links over at The Anomalist:

"Black Lions Prowling. Are big black lions prowling the streets of Matsulu township near Nelspruit, South Africa? Melanistic lions are unknown to science, 'But, although it's hard to believe, you don't just dismiss these kind of things.' With images. Also, Sasquatch Assault, Jesus and Bigfoot, New Messin' With Sasquatch Commercials and Other 2008 Conferences."

1 comment:

cryptidsrus said...

The black lions sightings are awesome, Nick!!!

I posted a response on Cryptomundo about the whole "Jesus and Sasquatch" theme. Thread turned into a whole "let's bash each other" thing which unfortunately I may have contributed to. Unintentionally.

Love the new Sasquatch commercials!!! There should also be some sort of "Messing with Nessie" or "Messing with Champ" commercials.