Monday, August 11, 2008

The Weird Weekend - 4

Jon Downes reveals more on the speaker-list for the Weird Weekend, which kicks off on Friday:

"Matt Salusbury is a freelance journalist. He is secretary of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) London Freelance Branch and deputy editor of the Freelance, the newsletter and website for freelance journalists, and he represents freelance interests on various union policy-making bodies. After fifteen years as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Holland, Turkey and the UK, he recently left the profession to work as news and features editor of the English language teaching industry magazine English Language Gazette, where he now writes about how dreadful the industry is, and how appallingly it treats its teachers. He is a frequent contributor to Fortean Times.

"Matt is acknowledged as an expert on subjects including education in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Metropolitan Police's Forward Intelligence Team and Trotskyite UFO cult the Posadists. He learnt the rudiments of zoology at his mother's knee – she was in one of the first intakes of female zoology undergraduates at Oxford in the early 1950s. His collection of model dinosaurs, while modest by the standards of some other CFZ members, now totals something in the region of 300 items and occupies most of his bedroom walls."

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