Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More on the Bigfoot Body

We need to still be cautious, but check out the latest from Loren Coleman on the "Bigfoot Body" story. Could it actually be the real deal - finally? There's a press conference in a few days time, at which point we may know more. Keep watching and reading. And check out the comments section at Loren's article - it's already into 3-figures, such is the interest!


cryptidsrus said...

I'm cautious but very hopeful. Coleman is the most respected Cryptozoologist out there, and if he says there may be something finally geniune to this, I believe him. People are very weary, of course, so one is not seeing a lot of "Yippees" out at Cryptomundo.

I do wish Biscardi wasn't involved in this, but you can't choose all aspects of a phenomenon. Rather it be with him and solid, conclusive evidence than no proof at all and a "legitimate researcher." Hopefully Meldrum and Coleman will be involved somehow.

First the Montauk Monster, then that canine-looking thing at Cuero, then THIS (hopefully)? All within as many weeks???

Can we say "Fortean flap?"

John Hogue, the Nostradamus scholar and prophecy author, DID say this was going to be a seminal year in the history of our race. Who knows. All I know is, the closer one gets to "2012",the quicker events come. And weirder. Next year, the "staged alien invasion" David Icke warned us about. :) :) :) I'm remembering your article on "2013" as I'm writing this. (Smile.) Whether waste of time or not, see you on Friday, buddy.

Nick Redfern said...

Cautious but hopeful is a good approach. Certainly, the comment-count is going up quickly over at Cryptomundo and Loren has made some interesting comments too. Life in the crypto-world is definitely interesting right now!

Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

I agree,"cautious but hopeful" is probably the best policy at this point. Beautifully put,Cryptids.
I have to tell you,my heart was pounding and I got tears in my eyes while reading that post on Cryptomundo.
Im excited to think this could be the find of the century,but Im also terribly worried for what this means in the coming years for the Bigfoot.
Will there now be hords of tourists harrasing families of Bigfoot to get great photos?
I hope we dont stress them out to the point of extinction like we've done to other species.
Im worried,I truly am.
Weve GOT to get more laws in place NOW.