Saturday, August 2, 2008

Monster News

From our good friends at The Anomalist, here's some excellent new links:

New Montauk Monster Pic and Cryptid Marketing Cryptomundo. A new photograph has been published of the "Montauk Monster," and the debate has begun about using the cryptid in ads. With images and videos. Meanwhile, the discovery of that "monstrous" corpse on a Long Island beach has led to a compendium entitled The Montauk Monster and the Best Cryptids of All-time, and speculation about the Montauk Monster has one columnist saying Authenticity of the Montauk Monster Contested by Scientists. Strange Hominid Sighting in York County, PA Phantoms & Monsters. Like Elvis, Bigfoot seems to be busier than ever. What is thought to be a juvenile Bigfoot has been reported near the York County, PA, town of Red Lion. Being described as only about four feet tall, the "juvenile" appellation was attached to the creature sighted July 18. Could this relatively diminutive hominid be an "albatwitch," a creature of local legend noted for its fondness for apples? Elsewhere, a famed Sasquatch author will be talking at the Sasquatch Provincial Park near Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada, this month, as reported in John Green to Speak.

1 comment:

cryptidsrus said...

This story has transformed itself into a bonified cultural phenomenon, if I don't say so myself.

I'm sorry, but everybody is saying this is a racoon. I'm no animal expert, but like I've said before on other sites, I know s--t from chicken s--t. The back legs are all wrong. The size is wrong.
It probably will turn out to be a dog or some other such "normal" creature, but it is not a racoon.

Oy, vey.

It even apparently took down Cryptomundo for a few hours because of the number of hits.

I even saw a headline that said
"Montauk Monster Fist-Bumps Obama."
Too funny.

Don't you love Amrica? :):):)