Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Raven Interviewed

Over at his Monster! blog, author and cryptozoologist Neil Arnold interviews Raven about her research, thoughts, ideas and much more on all-things-monstrous. Here's the link to the interview, and here's an insightful quote that Raven makes during her chat with Neil that reveals details of one of her own encounters with the unknown:

"I have had many strange encounters that I cannot explain. I and my immediate family have all experienced bizarre encounters at one time or another. It seems to be a bit of a family legacy. One such encounter was when I was roughly 12 years old and was out playing in the forest with some friends. We encountered an animal that fit the description of Bigfoot. It seemed very curious about us, and watched us for some time from behind a tree...til we realized what we were looking at was not another child or adult, but was something altogether different. It was standing upright but was covered in hair. I cannot say with any certainty what it was, because I saw it through eyes that were very young and inexperienced, and many years have passed since. Memories can fade or become clouded, but I do know that the one thing I remember for certain is that it was not human, unless it was a man in a suit, which is not likely given the remoteness of the area. It is my hope that I meet up with the creature again one day and can know for sure."

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