Thursday, August 14, 2008

The "Body" Saga

Despite my best efforts, I've been unable to access Cryptomundo today (doubtless as a result of huge traffic figures). Nevertheless, you might have better luck; so here's the latest links from Cryptomundo (and elsewhere) via The Anomalist:

UPDATE: Bigfoot Body Video Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman reports a YouTube video has been posted of Tom Biscardi's FoxNews appearance from Wednesday, the announcement that some DNA results may not be ready in time for tomorrow's press conference and a warning that the film documentation of the scientific research on the Bigfoot body must be conducted "in the light of day" to be fully accepted. And, in a further UPDATE from a different source: Skepticism Mounting Since the Georgia Bigfoot Corpse Press Release at Phantoms & Monsters includes this link to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization: Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax, where further links lead you to Bigfoot Discussion Board - Major Media Hoax in the Works: Biscardi and and Here's How the Bigfoot Body Was Debunked. But...isn't that a tongue sticking out of the mouth of the supposed Bigfoot body in the freezer? If you've been unable to access the Bigfoot Video post at Cryptomundo, you will find the Tom Biscardi FoxNews film at Video: Georgia Bigfoot on FOX News.
UPDATE: Policeman's Claim of Bigfoot Sighting a Headache for Boss AJC
Policeman Matthew Whitton's claim to have the corpse of a Bigfoot he and his partner dragged from the woods of northern Georgia seems to be having an impact on the police department he works for in Clayton, GA. The police chief of Clayton is getting far too many calls about Whitton's hobby. Meanwhile, there's a new revelation about documentary filming of scheduled scientific research on the body allegedly in the possession of Whitton and Rick Dyer in Claim: Dead Bigfoot Stored on Ice, and there's a good take on the controversy in the Beliefnet report Bigfoot and Chupacabra Double Feature, including commentary by skeptic Michael Shermer. For other commentary: Body of Bigfoot Found in Georgia, Claims Group and Everyone Awaits the Evidence on Bigfoot. Also, be sure to tune in tonight for Nick Redfern's stint to talk about his new book There's Something in the Woods, and the unfolding Bigfoot Body saga on Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack.


Kate Fisher said...

Thanks Nick. Your updates and the interview with Tom Biscardi were interesting.


Neil A said...

If this body is a hoax, shouldn't the perpetrator's be prosecuted ? It's fraud and about time this kinda time-wasting was punished. I want to believe it's real but it just doesn't look real, and certainly nothing like the Patterson footage, and nothing like a majority of Bigfoot eye witness reports. Surely the world's premier scientists should be on the case ? What's going on ? Of course, if this is real then it's world-shattering...but we've been down this line so many times before...if it's a fake then it just gives Bigfoot a very bad name, just like the Surgeon's Photo of 'Nessie' did.

Siani said...

Thanks for the links, Nick. I've been unable to access Cryptomundo for the last three days or so.