Friday, August 22, 2008

A Mutilation of the Big Cat Kind?

Only a few miles from that mystery-saturated woodland in central England known as the Cannock Chase, a sheep has been found violently mutilated and killed; something which, as this new story shows, has bolstered beliefs that there is a big-cat loose in the area.


Neil A said...

Sounds interesting, shame there isn't any photo to confirm it. Isn't is frustrating how the press continue to state, "This could be further signs a big cat is on the loose", what more do they want to confirm it ?
Not sure if anyone saw it, but there were photo's published on 17th of a puma staring through a back door of a couple's home in Wales. It's the best evidence yet, in the sense the photo (taken from an original camcorder recording) is clear, and from a distance of around five-feet shows a large mountain lion prowling in a garden and scowling through the window.

It's strange how the sceptics etc, are quick to debunk the fuzzy photo's but the clear images seem to make no headway.

cryptidsrus said...

I will take that one step further, Neil...

Why not just do what authorities did in 1983???
Deploy Army Sharpshooters to the area. At least give them some sort of tranquilizer or capturing mechanism. WHATEVER it is, there is something killing sheep and other animals out there. Call out the big guns like they did in good old "politically incorrect" Thatcherite England.:):):)(That's my weak attempt at humor, BTW). At least something would be done here.
The evidence for SOMETHING is there, Nick---all the discussion should be about how to identify, capture, or otherwise "neutralize" this now. Are we waiting for somebody to get "hurt?" to finally get to the business of going out into the field and identifying what the heck this is?

Heck, I'd go out there if authorities need a "lookout"---and I'm American!!! And I've never been to England!!!
Come to think of it, that would be a good idea!!! I would get to "visit" certain parts of England, I can stay up all night (since I stay up late anyway) looking out for this thing, and I would get to carry a gun!!! Cool!!!
I love big cat mysteries, anyway!!!
So how about it, Merry Ole England??? Can you use a Yank volunteer??? :)

Neil A said...

There are no problems identifying any of the 'mystery' cats in the UK, they are usually one of three species, black leopard, puma and lynx. The same goes for the US with the exception out there of a few lion scares, and of course bobcats. But in the US it's not exactly a big deal seeing the indigenous cougar.
When the Marines flocked to Exmoor in the '80s it was one of the most embarrassing situations ever. Even today I get reports of whole police units swarming upon areas of sightings...usually hours too late. It's not dificult to track exotic cats in the UK wilds, I did it with lynx and black leopard, but it's about having the time to do it.
In the US I've noted several over-reactions with regards to cat sightings, and it's scary stuff. In the US there is more chance of someone getting hurt as opposed to the UK. The only concern is that idiotic hunters will harm a large cat and then turn it into a monster.
The main problem with these cats is, the press continue to lump them in with UFOs, ghosts etc. Cannock Chase is a mysterious area, as Nick knows, but the fact that a large, elusive cat(s) is around is no mystery at all...

cryptidsrus said...

You definitely have a point there, Neil. Just wish somethign was done, that is all.

Hopefully this will be identified.