Friday, August 15, 2008

The Body of Bigfoot

Check out The Anomalist: they have just now posted numerous new stories on all the latest news concerning the "Bigfoot Body" controversy.


Kate Fisher said...

Nick your interview with Captain Jack last night was great. The exchange between the two of you was interesting.

Tom Bascardi seemed rather strange I thought. Kind of angry and bitter. Some of the comments he made about the 'poor people who listen to Coast to Coast' seemed designed to condescend.

I guess in three hours we will know if his cocky attitude is justified or not. Just read through some of the new stories and I still don't see any mention of it being aired. I'm kind of amazed that at least one network does not want to show this live. Right now the whole thing kind of has a Geraldo Rivera flavor to it:)


Nick Redfern said...

Hey Kate
Glad you enjoyed the show! Yeah, I'm trying to figure what's afoot, but looks like we have to sit back and wait for the news - whatever it may be!

cryptidsrus said...

Good post, and good stories, Nick!!! Let's see what's up today!

Noticed yesterday Coleman backtracking. This does not bode well, I tell ya...

No, it does not.

Kate Fisher said...


Backtracking how? Stating that it seemed to be a hoax after all?



cryptidsrus said...

He said to the effect it was "99 percent fake and 1 percent real."

He is really being more cautious now. More skpetical now.

It says so on the Anomalist site.

Kate Fisher said...

I'll check out that again. I looked a few minutes ago to see if they had anything new. Thanks.

Makes one wonder what the 1% is.


Yards said...

Disappointing, but not surprising.