Friday, April 4, 2008

The Telepathic Bigfoot

Lisa Shiel, never one to shy away from controversy, digs into the issue of the "Telepathic Bigfoot."

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Daisy said...

A few years ago, I asked God to let me know if Bigfoot was real. While laying in bed preparing for sleep, I saw in my minds' eye, a magnificent Bigfoot standing on a ridge above a large body of water with woods all around him. I was more than a little shocked and simply stared at him, trying to access the situation. Clearly this was a 'vision'..and then Bigfoot greeted me which was like a nod. The picture I had of him was one of stunning beauty in nature. It was late where I was, after midnight and I knew somehow we were in real time, both of us under the same moon, just different states. Through telepathy, he let me know he knew I was of a good heart, a curious one and that he would like it if I visit him. That shocked me a little. I realized he was lonely. It made sense somehow although I didn't understand how it made sense. At the end of our time, he reminded me.."You are always welcome here"..and I felt both honored and deeply moved by it. Oh yes, they exist...there is more but that is all for now..