Monday, April 14, 2008

In the Mail...

Just arrived in today's mail was a copy of the latest issue (no. 43) of the CFZ's in-house magazine, Animals & Men. There's some good stuff in this one: (a) plenty of news on new animal discoveries; (b) a review from Corinna Downes on the recent Big Cats in Britain conference; (c) cool photos of a huge freshwater stingray; (d) an interesting article on the Thylacine; (e) seldom-seen information on encounters with giant (and I do mean giant) eels in New Zealand; (f) the latest news on what the CFZ is up to; and (g) up-to-the-minute book reviews and letters-to-the-editor. Complete with a glossy, color cover, and 60 packed pages, Animals & Men is great value for money. For subscription details contact CFZ Director, Jon Downes at

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