Monday, April 21, 2008

Hexham Beasts

"...I'd say it was about the size of an Alsatian, but fatter, and it had a cat's face - it looked at me. It was jet black and it had a curly tail." These are the words of a new witness to a big cat encounter in Hexham: a town in the north of England.

Interestingly, Hexham has been the site of a number of weird animal encounters over the years. There was a wave of animal deaths in the town in 1904 - which were attributed to a wolf.

Without doubt, however, the town's most famous mystery beasts were those detailed in the saga of the so-called Hexham Heads - a very weird affair of a distinctly werewolf-like nature that occurred in 1972.

On top of that, Hexham is only 22 miles from Bolam - the site of a whole wave of Bigfoot-like encounters that enveloped the area a few years ago.

For more information on the mystery animal encounters of 1904 and 1972 at Hexham, click here.

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