Monday, April 14, 2008

South Carolina Strangeness

There's weirdness afoot in South Carolina. Some say it's Bigfoot. And on the subject of Bigfoot, there this too.

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AWT said...

Love how this guy just shows up and all of a sudden he's an "expert." I guess that if you're that confident of the supposed culprit's population size, its contradictory tendencies of ambulation ("knuckle-walking" vs. bipedalism), the number of toes on its feet (in contradiction to what, maybe > 90% of footprint finds ascribed to Bigfoot) -despite that none of these assertions could be even remotely extrapolated from the single automobile-chewing/scratching incident where no guilty party was identified by physical evidence, tracked, or let alone seen- the facts must be on your side.
Pardon the preceding Faulkner-esque diatribe, I'm too exasperated to write more concisely. Thank heaven for investigators like the CFZ, Coleman, Jeff Meldrum, and the more responsible members of the BFRO who have even a smattering of objectivity and/or deference to science.