Monday, April 14, 2008

Giant Skeletons

A friend of mine named Micah Hanks, who lives in Asheville, North Carolina, has just had an article published that is likely to be of interest to you - as a result of a possible Bigfoot link to the subject matter: namely, stories pertaining to the discovery of mysterious giant skeletons.

As Micah says: "My adventures have taken me all kinds of amazing places; from snow-capped mountaintops in the middle of July hiking through the Rockies of Montana in search of Bigfoot, to a haunted 19th century jail in historic Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve studied Martial Artists in Chicago who perform the ancient art of the 'Death Touch', and while I was there I also visited Resurrection Cemetery, famous location of “Resurrection Mary”, one of America’s most enduring hauntings. I’ve trudged through the mountains of Cherokee, North Carolina in search of 'Boojums' and what Cherokee natives described to me as 'The Wooly Ones', stomped through the foothills of Tennessee in search of the southern Skunk Ape, and struck the hills in the heart of Amish country in search of Ohio’s Grass Man."

Here's the link to Micah's article.

And on a related matter: I got to hang out with Micah (and local ghost-hunter and good friend Josh Warren) in Asheville late last year. If you haven't been to Asheville and you get the chance, definitely check it out. It has a great vibe, some cool places, and reminds me of a combination of Seattle and the British town of Glastonbury.


AWT said...

Asheville a combination of Seattle and Glastonbury? Maybe you should mention that to the town's bureau of tourism, you all could come up with a nifty slogan... I will definitely have to pull off the interstate next time I'm there to check out what inspired you (no gargoyles, I hope!). About all that I could see of the place while passing through months back was standard suburban retail sprawl.

Nick Redfern said...


LOL, no it really is a cool place! Downtown on a friday night there's people walking around with musical instruments, meditations in the streets, wild dancing, no hassle from the cops, people juggling flaming torches, lots of cool old bars - and masses of haunted old places, cool shops: music, clothes etc.

No gargoyles though unfortunately!