Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jon Downes Resists the Reaper...

CFZ Director Jon Downes fights off the Grim-Reaper and says:

"Well, according to a website that I visited yesterday, I am living on borrowed time, and should really be dead. I am 48. I smoke, despite the fact that my boozing days are behind me, I still drink alcohol on average more than once a week, I am at least five stone overweight, and I have a history of recreational drug abuse. I should, apparently, be dead. Yesterday, when I read this edifying and uplifting snippet of information, I was in the third day of the worst cold that I have had for ages, and was quite prepared to believe that my death was imminent.Today, I am not so sure."

And here's the rest of Jon's piece. Keep on fighting, Jonny!

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