Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Goat-Sucker: The Early Years

This is pretty interesting: a look back at a 1995 interview that discusses early Goat-Sucker-style reports on the island of Puerto Rico.

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Cullan Hudson said...

Corrales' comments at the end are worth noting in regards to "feral" dogs in Puerto Rico. I live in Carolina and when I go walking in the mornings, I see dogs EVERYWHERE and unlike in the US, these dogs are extremely docile - at least to humans. I was, of course, apprehensive when I first encountered these roaming packs of strays but now I realize most are more afraid of me. This sort of passivity seems to stem from the symbiotic relationship they share with humans here. If you're raised in the US, you're told not to feed strays, etc... However, here it is routinely done. These dogs know where to find food. So, on the same street I can see stray dogs roaming as freely as roosters, hens, and their chicks.

That said, I don't buy the whole feral dogs are the explanation for Chupacabras.