Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monsters in the Magazines

Here's a quick round-up for you of what's afoot in the magazines this month of a monstrous nature:

The new issue of Fate magazine contains a couple of articles with a cryptozoological theme: one on the Lizard Man of South Carolina; and the other on Madagascar's monstrous Elephant Bird. Fate is always a great read, and these two articles are well worth digging into.

Meanwhile, the latest issue of Taps Paramagzine includes an interesting article from Loren Coleman titled The Windigo of the Hockomock.

As Loren states: "The Devil's Name that lives on in the Algonquian language moniker that is the 'Hockomock Swamp' is mirrored in a creature that haunted the swamp and similar areas on the East Coast, spreading into the Midwest. That beast was the Algonquian's Windigo, the monster of many names."

He continues: "What clearly appears to have occurred among many First Nations in eastern North America was a free exchange of information on these manlike hairy primates, and the names surprisingly merged into each other as the Natives talked about these very distinctive-looking huge, bipedal, hairy humanlike animals, across tribes."

Also, check out Loren's other article in the same issue, titled The Sinster Hoccomocco: a study of the infamous "Bridgewater Triangle" and its attendant mysteries - many of a distinctly cryptozoological nature.

And finally, the new issue of Britain's Fortean Times will be of interest to Bigfoot devotees for its article Walking in the Shadow of Sasquatch.


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