Monday, April 7, 2008

Regan Lee on "Beeping Creatures"

Now, here's a very interesting new article from Regan Lee: Beeping Creatures. Why are strange sounds - such as weird beeps - common to Bigfoot reports, UFO encounters, and other events of a Fortean nature? Regan addresses all these points in a very thought-provoking article. I hope this is a thread she will continue to investigate; as I have long suspected that it's within the truly strange cases that the answers we seek are going to be found.


Gummerfan said...

While I never thought about the "electronic" sounds, I have noticed reports of a sound like a "woman screaming" associated with sightings of numerous mystery creatures. From bigfoot and black panthers, to the Jersey Devil and Mothman. IF such creatures are some kind of transdimensional beings, I've wondered if the "screaming" sound has something to do with the opening of a window or doorway, like the sonic boom produced when the sound barrier is broken.
Interesting article.

Nick Redfern said...

That's an interesting theory. Certainly, there are many cases of very high-strangeness associated with many of these "creatures."

I once investigated a case of a strange screaming that emanated from the Cannock Chase woods in England - and in the vicinity of a place called the German Cemetery, where there has been a whole range of weird creature activity: werewolves, Bigfoot, small hairy dwarfs and "black panthers."