Friday, September 5, 2008

Water Beasts

Here's a good selection of data from yesterday, courtesy of The Anomalist, on water-based cryptids:

New Clues to Mystery Sea Monster BBC News. Dr. Yvonne Simpson supposedly has a grip on what the strange carcass found washed ashore off Stronsay, Scotland, in 1808 really was. She will reveal her findings at the Orkney International Science Festival that began today. With few tissue samples to work with, Dr. Simpson is said to be working with "several items recovered from the remains." If these items aren't tissue, what are they? There's more at Dr. Simpson's website The Strange Case of the Stronsay Beast and at Orkneyjar - The Stronsay Beast. With photos and ilustrations. Elsewhere, Ghostsamongus examines the worldwide legends of Lake Monsters.


cryptidsrus said...

Looking forward to find out what Simpson thinks this might be.

It would be "encouraging" if it was Nessie-related.

Question---Don't you think it strange, Nick, that it is always a "basking shark" that is always mentioned as the possible explanation for "funny" carcasses washing up on beaches for years now? I remember the famous case of the Japanese fishermen throwing the sea-serpent-like creature back into the ocean after it was caught on their nets. It was later pronounced a "basking shark" by the "experts." I'm not saying it might not be basking shark remains some of the time---but ALL of them??? I just think the word "basking shark" has joined the ranks of "otter" as "identification of choice" for anything "unusual" that is seen or washes up on a beach. Too many people are willing to jump to conclusions about just that. :(

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah, the basking shark is the crypto equivalent of the ufological weather-balloon!