Sunday, September 28, 2008

News of the Crypto-Kind

From The Anomalist:

Local Woman Publishes Book About Bigfoot Union Democrat. After fifteen years of research, anthropologist Kathy Strain has published Giants, Cannibals & Monsters - Bigfoot in Native Culture with 150 incidents of Native American lore concerning the huge, hairy hominoid. Does Native American legend lend credence to Bigfoot's existence? Meanwhile, Bigfoot researcher Craig Woolheater of Cryptomundo has come to the rescue as 'Bigfoot' Returns to Kiski Store, and Woolheater will be among those attending as Bigfoot Fans Gather in Pennsylvania.

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cryptidsrus said...

Good write-up on Strain.
To answer the question---YES.
Of course, skeptics will say that basically Native Americans "misidentified" these Creatures. Typical Big-City White-Man condescension. Those "primitive," "stupid" Indians, right? Pathetic. First lands are taken, then culture, then credibility. I don't deny that BOTH sides are guilty of a lot of atrocities and cruelty historically but this is too much.