Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crypto Anomalies

Here's an interesting collection of new developments over at The Anomalist:

MQ: Short-Faced Bear Spoiler Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman uses a recent article from the East Tennessee State University student newspaper to reveal an upcoming episode of television's "MonsterQuest." With images. Elsewhere, Coleman directs you to a review of a recent "MonsterQuest" episode in MQ: China's Wildman and introduces a new way to seek donations in MacArthur Fellows: Please Contribute to Cryptozoology Museum. Meanwhile, Craig Woolheater directs your attention to a broadcast that originates from a Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy expedition in search of Bigfoot in the Ouachitas, and there's another mysterious feline report form England in Motorist Reports Black Cat Sighting to Police.


cryptidsrus said...

I liked the Chinese wildman episode, Nick.

A bit overhyped (particularly towards the end) but still entertaining and informative.

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah, overall I think it's a good series. There have been a couple of weak episodes (such as the rats), but generally I like it.