Monday, September 8, 2008

Monster Quest Latest

Loren Coleman updates us on the latest news on forthcoming episodes of TV's Monster Quest.


cryptidsrus said...

They should do one on the British Bigfoot, Nick.

And how about one on Fairies? Seriously. If they can do one on Ghosts, they can do one on the Good People. As you know, they're still being seen. And felt. And still supposedly messing with foolish humans. Maybe have Janet Bord on, since she is sort of an "expert" on sightings of them. (Haven't read her books but know about her.)

Also maybe that guy who runs the "Dark Dorset" web site---Robert Newland---GREAT website, I'm sure you know---Read about him in UFO magazine, went to his website and liked it---giving him a "plug" here. Good tales of fairies there. :)

Oh yeah---SpringHeel Jack???
Anyone??? Some people supposedly see him in Merry Old England still.

Have they had one on MothMan???
Don't think so. Maybe in the future. :)

Neil A said...

I think there's alot of fantastic weird and wonder documentaries that could be made. Spring Heeled Jack needs a major update because I chronicled several similar characters in my book MONSTER! The problem is, too much money is being spent on regurgitating the same old investigations. I am hoping to ordder the first series of Monster Quest, but believe that there is a variety of 'monsters' out there much ignored, i.e. Bunnyman, Lobizon and other Argentinean monsters, phantom dogs from other countries except bloody England, Wales and Scotland...all been done before, and yet even the ones that have been covered many times before are given the same dreary treatment. Shame.

I'd love to be able to make such documentaries.

Nick Redfern said...

The British Bigfoot would be an excellent one, as it's a very seldom discussed issue, despite the large body of reports.
Robert Newland's book "Dark Dorset," written with Mark North is well worth reading and packed with Fortean mysteries.

Nick Redfern said...

I agree - there's so many weird creatures out there, that it would be so easy to focus upon something other than the same old usual ones.