Monday, September 29, 2008

Cemetery Cats

A new story posted at the website of Britain's Chase Post newspaper reveals the details of a hitherto-unknown "Big Cat" encounter at the German War Cemetery in Britain's Cannock Chase woods. As my latest book (There's Something in the Woods) reveals, the cemetery in question (see the photo) has for years been a veritable hotbed of monstrous activity.

Indeed, big-cats aside, the book details numerous encounters in the vicinity of the cemetery (and, in some cases, directly within it) with Bigfoot-like creatures; beasts that sound suspiciously like werewolves; and even little, hairy sprites.

There's something very strange indeed about the Cannock Chase in general and the cemetery in particular. And, having spent much of my life living only a stone's throw away from all the action, I can say for certain that if you want to hunt a cryptid, there's quite possibly nowhere better to go - right now, at least - than to the heart of those darkened woods!


cryptidsrus said...

I get the feeling that if we wait just a tad longer, we will finally get definite "proof." Good post.

Neil A said...

Maybe a few of us should get together Nick and spend a few hours in the area, maybe try to manifest something.

Nick Redfern said...

Next time I'm over - definitely!